Monday, April 30, 2012

Abyssal - "Denouement" (2012)

ABYSSAL "Denouement"

Year: 2012
Genre: Atmospheric Death/Black Metal
Country: UK

Track List:
  1. The Moss Upon Our Ruins
  2. Celestial Dictatorship
  3. Deus Vult
  4. Detritivore
  5. When Paradigms Supplant Gods
  6. Swansong of a Dying Race

Abyssal (not to be confused with Mexican band under the same name) are a new British atmospheric death metal band who know about my blog and fully support its concept. They've recently released their debut album called "Denouement", which is officially available for free download. It was already reviewed on EM, so I probably won't be able to write any better review. Just to say: if they continue it that way, they'll become one of the most prominent progressive death metal acts in the future.

As for their lyrics, they mostly deal with various depressive and apocalyptic themes. The album contains four tracks which centre on the anger and sadness over the paradigms which reward the individual at the expense of the collective, and two tracks which explore religion through the eyes of the indoctrinated and the indoctrinator. The lyrics in general aren't that easy to get into, but they're said to be fully in the spirit of my blog, and the music is just great (not an exaggeration) - so I highly recommend to check this album out.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Axidance & Rivers Run Dry & Doomsday & Abyssal - 4-way split (2011)


Year: 2011
Genre: Blackened Post-Metal / Neocrust / Raw Crust
Country: Russia / Hungary / Colombia / Mexico

Track List:

  1. Beginning of the path
  2. The last cry of nature (Part I)
  3. I know the sky loves me
  4. The sign
  5. They died because of you
Rivers Run Dry
  1. Rephrasing old dogmas
  2. The clock's tyranny
  3. Hearts urbanized
  4. Failure/success
  1. Asesino del estado
  2. Degradacion
  3. Falsos positivos
  1. Blindness

Not so much time has passed after Axidance/Gattaca split was released, and now they made another split - now with 3 other crust bands from all around the world. All the Axidance tracks on this split are new versions of their old songs (except for track #2), recorded with different lineup:
  • Dionis (vocal, guitar)
  • Sergiy (guitar)
  • Ilya (bass)
  • Sergiy (drums, synths)
  • Ksenia (synths)
Rivers Run Dry are a neocrust band from Budapest with Dr.Slayer on bass, who also plays in Human Error. As for me, I like Human Error better, but nevertheless, it's good to see another crust band from a country which has loads of nationalist rock bands, but neither a big crust scene, nor anything like Cascadian BM scene.

Doomsday are a raw old-school crust band from Colombia whose lyrics are mostly about Colombian civil war (which isn't surprising at all, though - it's the main lyrical theme in both Colombian crust and thrash metal scenes; and while living in the country with an ongoing guerrilla conflict, I understand them quite well). To be honest, they're my least favourite on the whole split, but if you're into stuff like Hatross, you may like Doomsday as well.

As for Abyssal, I can say their music is relatively far from post-metal or crust, but I definitely like the acoustic parts of their track. BTW, there's one more RABM-sympathising band called Abyssal - atmospheric death metal from the UK - whose first album I'll post a little later.

Overall, a quite decent split, and Axidance's side is clearly the best. The physical release: 500 books with CD; 6 color pages with lyrics and photos; released as a benefit for the Anarchist Black Cross. Distributed by: They Live rec. | Иакх rec. | Black Cardinal rec. | Resist rec. | My Riot Inward rec. | Wasted Sky's rec.

Let The World Die - "At the Road of Ruin" (2012)

LET THE WORLD DIE "At the Road of Ruin"

Year: 2012
Genre: Blackened Ska
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. BMIS
  2. LED
  3. 4th Wave
  4. MI 884
  5. BMIS II
  6. IM Power
  7. Outro

To all fans of Leper: here's another band playing a mix of ska/punk and blackened crust, with lyrics based on pretty much the same green anarchist ideology. Let The World Die are an anarcho-punk band from Flagstaff, AZ, all whose members have Navajo & Hopi/Tewa ancestry, and two of them come from a Navajo Indian Reservation. Their ideology is mostly based on Indigenous American traditionalism, with elements of eco-anarchism and even anarcho-primitivism, and their music is a mix of ska, epic melodic crust, black metal, sludge, and classic punk. "At the Road of Ruin" is their first official DIY recording, which is of course officially available for free download.

They also run a local infoshop mostly for the need to have a space to organize against the desecration of the San Francisco Peaks in the community, and other recently pressing issues around the area. After a quick look on their site, I can say I like this particular brand of national liberation activism (of whatever you may call it) more and more. Such set of beliefs, as seems to me, can also be found in other Native American metal bands like Aztra, Yaotl Mictlan, Resistant Culture, the whole Black Twilight Circle, as well as in movements like EZLN (which is probably the only respectable guerrilla movement left in all Latin America).

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Female fronted crust from Bristol: Casus (ex-Aradia, Jesus Bruiser)

I guess most of my old readers remember me posting two songs by Aradia, a very promising female-fronted metallic crust band which unfortunately split up before releasing anything else. However, at least two of their members - Christina & Rhi - continue to play crust/dark hardcore, but now under the name "Casus". There's almost no info about them (seems like they even don't have an official page), but there are some videos of them performing live. These videos doesn't do them justice for the sound, though... but it still makes me want to hear their studio recordings:

P.S. Here's another unreleased track by Aradia, recorded live circa 2010. The quality is rather bad, but still ok.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Way To Nowhere - "Old World Order" (2011)

WAY TO NOWHERE "Old World Order"

Year: 2011
Genre: Metallic Crust/Hardcore
Country: Poland

Track List:
  1. Old World Order
  2. Tearing Off Roadsigns
  3. Fate Doesn't Cost
  4. A Blind Leading A Blind
  5. Don't Try To Find Out
  6. Death Comes Tomorrow
  7. Along The Path
  8. Your Slavery Is My Destiny

I hope you all know Filth Of Mankind, an excellent apocalyptic metallic crust band from Gdansk (Poland), which is unfortunately split up by now. As one of my readers told me recently, they were somewhat active until 2011, but "The Final Chapter" (2001) indeed became their final release. Some members of FOM also had a side-project (which at some point shared ALL the members with what became FOM's final line-up) called Way To Nowhere. Here's their unreleased album "Old World Order" that was recorded circa 2008-2010 (if I'm not mistaken). Maybe it's not as impressive as both FOM's albums, but it's definitely worth listening.


Күн Тахсыыта - "Олох Ыарахан" (2011)

KYH TAXCbIbITA "Олох Ыарахан"

Year: 2011
Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. Түмүккэ Тиийэн Кэлэн
  2. Ёлёр Күнүн Үүнүёр Диэри
  3. Эн Утары Бары Бардахтарына

Yesterday, on April 20, there were 14 entries posted in my blog this month, and 88 entries posted this year in total. I think it's about time to break this combo by posting something that's definitely not nazi (not nesessary BM).

Meet Kun Tahsyyta, the only known hardcore band with lyrics in Yakut language. While Yakutia is commonly considered the outskirts of Russia (and the world in general), I was pleased to know that there are our comrades too. Can't understand their lyrics, but according to the band, their main lyrical themes are the realities of modern society (injustice, apathy, brutality, greed, chauvinism) and protest against any infringement of anyone's right. As of 2011, Kun Tahsyyta is much more hardcore than metal, but this 3-track demo contains their earlier recordings which were more influenced by black and death metal (the closest analogue would be probably На Выжженной Земле). Of course the quality of production (especially regarding vocals) is far from perfect, but it's DIY stuff made in a place where hardly any rock/metal scene exist. Support the Yakut underground!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tamut Amen - a new video

As I recently got to know, TamutAmen are facing forward in the first tour in Europe starting in mid-May that will include the following countries France / Germany / Sweden / Belgium / Denmark. The physical release of their debut EP is should be available in mid-May as well. And here's an excellent video of their live recordings @ Pikover Studios (3.2.12 Tel Aviv):

Track list:

  • 1:03 - Million Pills
  • 2:53 - The Dark Kingdoms
  • 4:55 - She Returned
  • 7:13 - Human Disease
  • 10:59 - Sticks to the Bones
  • 14:03 - Outro


P.S. TamutAmen's guitar player also played in Sinat Hinam a few years ago, but they stopped playing as their lead singer moved to Sweden. The stuff by Sinat Himan and a lot of other Israeli punk/hardcore bands is available from Giora's FTP - probably the most complete collection of IsraHELL punk on the net.

Timebomb - "The Beat Is Here Fellas" (2001)

TIMEBOMB "The Beat Is Here, Fellas"

Year: 2001
Genre: Rock/Punk
Country: Italy
Label: Cane Records

Track List:
  1. Philadelphia '82
  2. Ultimatum
  3. Bad News Travel Fast
  4. The Pop Art Of Revolution
  5. The Day I Knocked Out Myself
  6. Failure Boy
  7. Desaparecido
  8. Not About Sex
  9. 8 A.M. (Guess Who I Am)
  10. Big City Getaway

Since I've posted almost complete discography of Timebomb here, I'm constantly receiving requests to post their last LP, "The Beat Is Here Fellas". Well, it isn't that bad, but it's just totally different from everything they've released before, and completely not in the format of my blog - so until today I was reluctant to post it. However, seems like it wasn't posted elsewhere, so let's make an exception and post it as an exclusive material.

This album was sent to me by a member of a Greek noisecore/noisegrind band Melanocetus Murrayi, who identified himself as Marxist (but not any reformist/revisionist type) and former anarchist. Unfortunately I lost his email address, but as I remember he also provided a lot of good info about Greek metallic crust (Xaotiko Telos, Anasa Staxti and Ximeria Narki), as well as late 90's blackened hardcore (Acme and Systral from Germany, who started the whole Bremen hardcore sound; Acrid from Canada, and a lot of bands that were covered in Brian Catharsis/Crimethinc's zine Inside Front - I never thought that there were so many blackened hardcore bands back then, besides of Teen Cthulhu and Skaven!). Timebomb were also mentioned along these lines, and it's a shame that they didn't continue their unique style developed on "Full Wrath Of The Slave" (not to mention that their former vocalist now is in a fascist band sorry, it was a different hardcore band, also from Italy, but called Timebombs).

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Sons Of Dead Druids - "The Dead Druid (demo)" (2012)

THE SONS OF DEAD DRUIDS "The Dead Druid (demo)"

Year: 2012
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. The Birth of a Son God
  2. The Ethereal Hunter
  3. The Laments of the Tree of Flesh
  4. The Malice of the Twilight Devils

TSDD is an one-man band (sometimes a duo) from Mitchell, IN. Here's TSDD's first demo "The Dead Druid", which, I should say, is quite raw - but raw in a good way. Personally I like it a lot, and the only downside of this demo in my opinion is that the songs are somewhat monotonous and all like each other. According to the author, the lyrics on this demo deal mostly with paganism, transcendentalism, and fantasy.

"...I don't really want anything to come from my music. I just enjoy making it and would like to put it out there for others if they are interested. While rough, it is DIY, so I hope someone else may hear it and want to start playing"

Rütäbägä - demo (2011)

RUTABAGA "demo 2011"

Year: 2011
Genre: Raw Crust
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Just Another Droid
  2. 40oz Warriors
  3. Hashishanj
  4. Coffee Madness
  5. Sling Yer' Rocks
  6. We Destroy! (sample)
  7. The Cave

Here's the first demo of Rütäbägä, "bastard thrash/crust from Central Oregon" (their self-description). It's quite short, and the quality of production is very raw, so I can't guaranteeyou'll like this demo... but according to the band, there are no other bands playing music like this around Central Oregon, and the demo is heavily inspired by many RABM bands - so why not to post it? And I actually envy them a little, because they live in a region that's a part of a homeland of the whole Cascadian metal scene... Hope they'll record a proper release soon.

P.S. Check out also Edda, a folk/viking metal band from Colorado/Utah, who were featured on Middle Oregon Metal/Punk blog along with Rütäbägä. They're strongly against the use of Vikings and Asatru symbology in Neo-Nazi propaganda. So far they don't even have a demo, only two songs recorded in amateur quality, but even these two tracks sound VERY promising. Unfortunately there's very little hope for hearing a proper demo from them, as there are no records of their activity past 2008...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

UHL & Devilish Cheat - split (2011)


Year: 2011
Genre: Raw Black Metal , Blackened Grind
Country: France

Track List:

  1. Ubetidelig Mennesskeheten
  2. Thirsty Demons
  3. Scared Of Who We Are
  4. U.n.H.o.L.y
Devilish Cheat
  1. Intro
  2. World's End
  3. No Mosh
  4. Fakebook
  5. Wargames
  6. Anvilish Cheat
  7. Avoid Emptiness
  8. Sunshine Abuse At Its Best
  9. Videodrom
  10. Statue Smashed Face
  11. Going Where The Wind Blows?
  12. Modern Life Is War
  13. Blast FM
  14. Memories Made Flesh

Here's UHL/Devilish Cheat split tape which I mentioned in my previous post. Devilish Cheat are a blackened grindcore project with Julien (The Austrasian Goat) among their members, and their side of the split is GREAT! I also wonder if their track #9 was inspired by my favourite movie of David Cronenberg (if yes, then I'll respect them even more).

UHL - "Demo(niaque)" (2010)

UHL "Demo(niaque)"

Year: 2010
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: France

Track List:
  1. Morbid Curiosity
  2. Graveyard
  3. Everlasting Torment
  4. Eliminert Livet
  5. Nihilistic Degenerated

According to the man behind Printemps Noir, UHL are a duo from France playing raw anarcho-black metal. They also released a split w/ Devilish Cheat on 213 records, a label that belongs to Julien Louvet (The Austrasian Goat, ex-Shall Not Kill) who's known for his anarchist sympathies - so I think we can be sure about UHL's beliefs.


Printemps Noir - "La Commune" (2012)


Year: 2012
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: UK

Track List:
  1. L’Orgie Parisienne
  2. (Above the Plain's) Deep Mauve Obscurity

 Anarchist, nihilist, gnostic BM demo made by one of my most active readers. The author himself admits that he isn't a seasoned musician and the quality of production on this demo may be quite low - but I feel this "wall of sound" is already good enough to be posted here, even if the author himself isn't entirely satisfied with its quality and calls it "just bedroom recordings of primitive quality". The first song is based on a poem by Arthur Rimbaud, and the other one is a slower, DSBM-type song about imprisonment and isolation based on a poem by Paul Verlaine. The name "La Commune" is a reference to Paris Commune.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Embers - "Shadows" (video clip)

A video from an Oakland-based blackened crust/doom metal band Embers, compiled of several creative commons video projects from Flickr:

Rare live videos of Profecium & Sartan

So, it has come to my attention that Solrak (a former member of Profecium, who now plays in Vorkuta) is making the detailed history of Profecium, Sartan (his early black/death metal band) and Zoretor (hardcore/punk). While I don't share his Trotskyist views, it'd be definitely interesting to read the history of the first RABM band in existence. Here are some live videos from the 90s:


Sartan - probably the first BM band in Argentina

Vorkuta (a recent video; but to be honest, they look and sound like they're forever stuck in 80s)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Void Forger - "Ruined" (2012)


Year: 2011
Genre: Metallic Crust/Sludge
Country: Romania

Track List:
  1. Pointless Media
  2. Relief
  3. Automation
bandcamp / facebook

"Void Forger is a Romanian band from Bucharest playing a mix of sludge, crust and black metal formed in 2011. Its three members are originally from Bacau, Romania, but have relocated to Bucharest for studies. There they have done a few jams with different band members, the ones from 2010 leading to the ideas approached by the current band, old school down tempo harshly distorted music with hints of speed, screamed vocals and with a dark and nihilistic sound. The lyrics are inspired by cyberpunk and dystopian themes, fantasy and social issues. In early April 2012 they released a 3-song demo, Ruined, which is free to download" (official biography)

I'd describe their sound as a mix of sludge, epic crust, and some black metal elements (in this order). Don't know if I should write a more detailed review, as it was already done here, but anyway, you're free to download and enjoy this demo.

Flagellant - "Apotheosis" (2012)

FLAGELLANT "Apotheosis"

Year: 2012
Genre: Raw Black Metal/Punk
Country: Germany


"There are two bands named Flagellant. One is from Sweden, and the other one from Germany. Both bands play blasphemous, satanic black metal and have released one demo" (last.fm)

Here we are talking about Flagellant from Germany, a Munich-based one-man project which just released a new demo, consisting of 4 untitled tracks (mixed into one long track). According to the man behind the project, he's standing in the tradition of critical theorists from Hegel and Marx to Adorno, so he thought that "a demo submission to your blog is a far better idea than sending it to any dumbass NSBM-Shitface (which I wouldn't have done anyway)". As for music, I'll agree with Evrom's opinion: "Interesting release, production is very poor but music seems to be quite inspired, with atmospheric & raw aspects".

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kata Sarka - split w/ Nak'ay (2011)


Year: 2011
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. The Great Dereliction
  2. Perpetual Stupidity Machine
  3. Being Alive Is Like Being On Fire

Here's 3 tracks by Kata Sarka from their split w/ Nak'ay released a few months ago. Unfortunately it doesn't include Nak'ay side (which I couldn't find neither on their bandcamp, nor on Kata Sarka's bandcamp). Anyway, Nak'ay are a blackened grindcore band from Fort Wayne who describe their music as "bestial black noise punk". To give you an idea of how they sound:

Kata Sarka - "Riding a Wind of Knives" (2010)

KATA SARKA "Riding a Wind of Knives"

Year: 2010
Genre: Experimental/Blackened Crust
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Bastard
  2. Lukewarm Depravity
  3. Riding a Wind of Knives (Into the Eye of a Shitstorm)

So, Adam (A.V.9) of Kata Sarka was glad to see the EP "The Great Dereliction" posted on my blog, and according to him, everything else on their bandcamp is also OK to spread around, except for "Existential Oblivion" LP (the band won't put it up for free download until they sell out all the physical copies of the cassette). Personally I liked "Riding a Wind of Knives" even more than "Great Dereliction". While its genre still can be classified as "blackened crust", the sound is quite experimental and influenced by a wide variety of genres. Recommended to everyone who likes very heavy and unorthodox blackened crust... and of course to all who liked "The Great Dereliction"!