Thursday, April 19, 2012

Timebomb - "The Beat Is Here Fellas" (2001)

TIMEBOMB "The Beat Is Here, Fellas"

Year: 2001
Genre: Rock/Punk
Country: Italy
Label: Cane Records

Track List:
  1. Philadelphia '82
  2. Ultimatum
  3. Bad News Travel Fast
  4. The Pop Art Of Revolution
  5. The Day I Knocked Out Myself
  6. Failure Boy
  7. Desaparecido
  8. Not About Sex
  9. 8 A.M. (Guess Who I Am)
  10. Big City Getaway

Since I've posted almost complete discography of Timebomb here, I'm constantly receiving requests to post their last LP, "The Beat Is Here Fellas". Well, it isn't that bad, but it's just totally different from everything they've released before, and completely not in the format of my blog - so until today I was reluctant to post it. However, seems like it wasn't posted elsewhere, so let's make an exception and post it as an exclusive material.

This album was sent to me by a member of a Greek noisecore/noisegrind band Melanocetus Murrayi, who identified himself as Marxist (but not any reformist/revisionist type) and former anarchist. Unfortunately I lost his email address, but as I remember he also provided a lot of good info about Greek metallic crust (Xaotiko Telos, Anasa Staxti and Ximeria Narki), as well as late 90's blackened hardcore (Acme and Systral from Germany, who started the whole Bremen hardcore sound; Acrid from Canada, and a lot of bands that were covered in Brian Catharsis/Crimethinc's zine Inside Front - I never thought that there were so many blackened hardcore bands back then, besides of Teen Cthulhu and Skaven!). Timebomb were also mentioned along these lines, and it's a shame that they didn't continue their unique style developed on "Full Wrath Of The Slave" (not to mention that their former vocalist now is in a fascist band sorry, it was a different hardcore band, also from Italy, but called Timebombs).


  1. I love Melanocetus Murrayi, and also the raw d-beat band that shares some members with them, Go Filth Go. Not sure if it's the same member who contacted you before, but the email address on most of their records is maougrade_com [at] hotmail [dot] com - that's the drummer.

    1. Thanks, but I definitely remember that his address was in .gr zone. BTW, I didn't knew that they share some of their lineup with Go Filth Go.

    2. Found their interview for some Russian zine:
      Looks like the person that contacted me was their guitarist.

  2. not to mention that their former vocalist now is in a fascist band... I was about to drop a line on this sibject.... I wanted to know what band he is in and why he changed his points of view so radically, it seems there is no way that could happen, but it did happen...

    cheers, Panda.

    1. He's now in SPQR, if I'm not mistaken:
      There's almost no further info about them, as well as Timebomb (even no photos, only one interview), so it's hard to say why he chose to change his views. However, I've listened to SPQR/HfB split, and SPQR's part sounds considerably similar to Timebomb (leaving ideology aside).

  3. From Earth Crisis-type hardcore to blackened metalcore to Refused/Chamberlain-style post-hardcore to Nazi hatecore.

    A bizarre trajectory, to say the least :/