Thursday, June 30, 2016

Miguel-Almereyda - "Jian Zhicheng"

I want to share this little project with you. Anapsique and I decided to make a music video regarding the recent suicide committed by Jian Zhicheng... she ran an animal shelter in Taiwan, by site policies and in view of the small number of adopted animals she had to sacrifice some dogs to prevent that the number of housed animals exceed the capacity of the center. In total 700 dogs were sacrificed in two years. 
With the same drugs used to kill the animals; Jian Zhicheng committed suicide at the age of 31... leaving only the following words:
"Human life is not different from the life of a dog; I'll die with the same drugs used to put dogs to sleep in peace". 

We both believe that human life has no more value than any other species. The human being "justifies" the right to use as he pleases everything around him, curtailing freedoms, ending lives; enslaving the life of an animal that only has unconditional love for us despite the neglect and abuse. 
This dog, tied 24 hours a day, doesn't know anything about freedom. All he knows are the walls that contain him an the outside world that he manages to see, really such a vile action is justified? Tying an animal that some human thinks he "belong" so he doesn't be able to escape, so he could only do his one job in life: to take care of a property from intruders. 

What is the real value of life today?

You can listen to Anapsique's music in soundcloud and Facebook.
And you can check also my work on my Facebook Page.


With The End In Mind - "Unraveling; Arising" (2016)

WITH THE END IN MIND  "Unraveling; Arising"

Year: 2016
Genre: Cascadian Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Sings the sky
  2. Anguish symmetry
  3. Unraveling; Arising
  4. From the true source
  5. Wheeling, endlessly wheeling

"Born of grief and uncertainty, born of life-changing experiences in the wilds of Northern California and the Olympic Mountains, born of ever escalating crises and aver escalating resistance. Unraveling; Arising is a labour of trustees love, a call of urgency, a reverent homage to Life in all its forms".  

Funeral Art - "La Belleza Oculta" (2015)

FUNERAL ART  "La belleza oculta"

Year: 2015
Genre: Ambient/Black Metal
Country: Guatemala

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Órenyallo
  3. La belleza oculta
  4. Outro
  5. El hechizero de la bruja
  6. Arcano I

Funeral Art is an Ambient Black metal band from Guatemala run by Lord Marbas who is a reader from our blog. This was released on December 2015 but we received this recently.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Timekiller - "Stagnant" (2016)

Timekiller "Stagnant"

Genre: Raw punk
Year: 2016
Country: Brazil


     1. Stagnant
     2. Narcissist
     3. Restless/No Rest
     4. Bends
     5. Vapid
     6. Tremor


Timekiller are a rawpunk/hardcore band from Brazil. This is the short chat i've whit them.

 "I l­ived in Rio de Janeiro for a few years wh­ere I started the band with Douglas (sing­er/songwriter) of deaf kids. We released ­our "bleed out" ep which was released on ­noise of hell records and was on cvlt nat­ions top 6 raw punk records of 2014. Shor­tly after that a split with Timekiller an­d deaf kids was released. I am no longer in brazil but I am now in Vietnam and our­ "stagnant" ep is finally done mixed and ­mastered. I play all of the instruments o­n the records except for drums. The drumm­er on this record is chad lumsden from Co­llapsian. A kind of doom metal band from ­USA. While the band is no longer based ou­t of brazil, we still maintain that the b­and is from brazil/USA because I often go­ back there and that is where much of the­ songwriting and recording happens. We ar­e influenced by hardcore and Motörhead bu­t still enjoy noisy atmospheric bands lik­e swans. We try to incorporate that into ­our music as much as possible. A good mix­ of aggressive hardcore but also emotiona­l and paranoid at times. We are looking f­or a label who will release this record i­n a physical format but until then we hav­e it for download on our bandcamp"


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Obsidian Knife - "Tape I" (2016)


Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Germany

Track List:
  1. Untitled I
  2. Untitled II
  3. Untitled III
  4. Untitled IV

Obsidian Knife is a Cologne based band that plays black metal and are big fans of the effort we are doing in this blog.  You can listen to their first tape at their bandcamp site and also there's a free streaming on youtube. Their tapes are very unique and all of them are handpainted.

In this tape they have two features with Fyrnask and I must say it's really good music.  

Negative Standards - "Fetters" (2016)


Year: 2016
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. XIV
  2. XV
  3. XVI
  4. XVII
  5. XVIII
  6. XIX
  7. XX
  8. XXI
  9. XXII
  10. XXIII

The new full-length from Negative Standards is out now. They are a band based in Oakland that plays doom/sludge with elements of blackened crust. You can listen to the streaming at their bandcamp and also if you are interested you can order the vinyl in here.


NDD - "EP" (2016)


Year: 2016
Genre: Industrial punk
Country: Italy

Track list:

    1. Attendere Prego
    2. Poison
    3. Circonvenzione Di Incapaci
    4. La Lama
    5. Fuori E Dentro Lo Schermo


NDD (Negazione Del Diritto), Denial Of Claim in english, is a one man industrial-punk band from Italy with teknopunk touches. He "sings against a polluted society, there breaths poison, a poor society and proud of his ignorance because of a controlled information, violent information."


Sunday, June 19, 2016

V/A - "Resistance: ANTI-NSBM Volume 4" (2016)

V/A "Resistance: ANTI-NSBM Volume 4"

Year: 2016
Genre: Black metal / Metal
Country: World


1.     Crepusculic Shadows - Lost in My Obscure Dreams
2.     Ker - Latibule
3.     Pergamo - Laodicéia
4.     Funeral Art - En la oscuridad me encontraste (pero era yo quien te estaba buscando)
5.     Huldrekall - Traversing the Borderland State
6.     Othismos - Nessuna promessa di cambiamento
7.     Seeds In Barren Fields - I Mörkrets Timme
8.     Bertran De Born - Rethalhos-Infectus
9.     Rhytmic Ceremonial Ritual - Glück
10.   Eldrich - Lung Fiber
11.   gudsforladt - Behold the Consequence
12.   Danos - Fuck You From The Underground
13.   Canis Lupus - (war and sun)
14.   Welkend - Seelennebel
15.   Deafest - Precipice [Catamount]
16.   Arwenundomiel - Pulgoroz-Burz
17.   Mirogoy - Serpent of the Ardennes pt. I
18.   Autarch - Pleiades
19.   Askesis - The Triumph Of Gravity
20.   Bohrcurie - Lizards
21.   Old Soul - Tome
22.   Vvvlv - Homo Economicus
23.   Tristeza Infinita - Devorados pela Europa
24.   Black Trinity - Plague of the Sacred
25.   Iarnvidjur - Das Götlliche
26.   Mörkhimmel - Nepřítomný nepřítel
27.   Batrakos - A cena col dimonio
28.   Kultą - Птицы (together with Misha (Vólan) and Eli Mavrychev (VORVAŇ)
29.   Addaura - The sun shines to-day also. (on the oaks of That Bird Hill)
30.   Kronstadt - Bratrstvo Sibenic
31.   Kluizenaer - Theodicee Van Het Kwaad
32.   Seventh Genocide - Summer Dusk
33.   Благо - Канибализм
34.   Namet - Crnilo života
35.   Vindkast - Unto the Earth
36.   Herida Profunda - Big Business Pighole
37.   Wisent - Danau Toba
38.   Haeresis - Summit Cross
39.   Hieros Gamos - Bella Ciao Black Metal
40.   Shadow Lake - Forging Towards Annihilation
41.   KVØID - Ending Our Reign
42.   Vranac - Воля к смерти
43.   Гниль - Смрад
44.   Moro Moro Land - If you stand and fight
45.   Regnvm Animale - Ars Moriendi
46.   Nimrud - Ishkur
47.   Leichnam - Black Tar
48.   Diablop - Kler
49.   Ast - Hypnos
50.   Crudelis In Veternum - .... AETHERis Veternum
51.   Brutal Morticínio - A Eterna Marcha da Devastação
52.   Ghost Moth - Megarhyssa macrurus


Hi again I'm LifeSuspended from The Dark Skies Above Us Collective here to introduce the new anti-nsbm benefit. This time we decided to help a non-global anarchist friend in cage due to Genoa 2001 G8 meeting noglobal demo. His girlfriend took suicide some months ago, so he need to afford funeral costs etc.
The system killed her so we will take revenge.
Let me thanks every single person behind this project, Hagiophobic for the cover and Scaglie di Rumore for the tapes (contact him for a tape of the comp at scagliedirumore(at)gmail(dot)com)
I will never be tired saying everyone who want to join our collective have only to write at ucollective(at)stronzi(dot)org.
A cheers to everyone lost his/her freedom.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mo'ynoq - "Anguish and Atonement" (2016)

MO'YNOQ "Anguish and Atonement"

Year: 2016
Genre: Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Catharsis
  2. Obsidian Marsh
  3. In Death We Accomplish Nothing
  4. Sveekar

Taking inspiration from the duality of nature's unrelenting fury and deceptive calm, Mo'ynoq weaves a tapestry of transcendental soundscapes that illustrate the cruelty and beauty which permeate throughout this plane of reality we have been forced to exist in. I am going to copy what they wrote me: 

"Our thematic concept deals with the struggle of existence against the increasing dissonance (both cognitively and socially) of modern reality and the ultimately anti-utilitarian trajectory we as a species have found ourselves to populate. In realizing this sad state affairs, we choose to eulogize that which resides in the trees. 
We feel that in this vein our ideologies are not too dissimilar, and that the divergence, if any should exist, would be merely on the subset of anarchism we attribute our influence. If asked directly, I suppose one could say it is an atmospheric blend of Anarcho-primitivism and DSBM." 

The Depressick - "1962" (2016)


Year: 2016
Genre: Post-Black Metal, Depressive Black Metal
Country: México

Track List:
  1. Perception
  2. Inferiority Complex
  3. Farewell
  4. Gray Ocean
  5. Commiseration
bandcamp / facebook

The Depressick is a Mexican band that has been featured here before. I reviewed their second demo, and now I want to show you their new EP. The main theme of this album is the daily life in the big cities, the routine, the gray landscapes, the insensibility. This is not pure black metal, their music incorporates elements from DSBM, post-punk and even rock elements that makes a really amazing work.