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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

V/A - "Vendetta Compilation II" (2015)

V/A "Vendetta compilation II"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal with various influences
Country: Germany (for the most part)

Track List:
  1. AST - fraktale
  2. ASHBRINGER - ethereal aura pt. II
  3. SVFFER - fever
  4. SEHER - der seher
  5. CULT OF OCCULT - psychotic
  6. ANTLERS - carnival of freedom and betrayal
  8. ULTHA - you exist for nothing
  9. ANCST - spark
  10. OLD GRAVES - dawn treader
  11. SHADOW OF THE TORTURER - the church
  12. ADDAURA - the sun shines to-day also ( ...on the oaks of that bird hill )

The second compilation released by Berlin-based Vendetta Records about a week ago (the first one was released in the beginning of this year). Might be of interest for the RABM community because it features a lot of bands previously featured on my blog (Ast, Antlers, Negative Standards, Ancst, Addaura...)

Sorgsenhet - "Marsch der Zeit" (2015)

SORGSENHET "Marsch der Zeit"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal with folk overtones
Country: Germany

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Durch die Tiefen der Unendlichkeit
  3. Die Reise bis zum Grund
  4. Anima Mundi
  5. Äthertraum
  6. Ballad of a Soldier

Sorgsenhet were formed in 2010 in Giessen, Germany. Their first demo release "Drachennebel" (2013) was apolitical, but two years later they decided to do more political left-friendly and antifascist music. In particular, the intro of this EP is an organ cover of a Yugoslavian partisan song, and the last track, "Ballad of a Soldier", is a cover version of a popular Soviet song of the same name. Additionally, you can hear an excerpt from "Warschawjanka" in the end of  the second track, "Durch die Tiefen der Unendlichkeit". The cover art for "Marsch der Zeit" is a painting by Ivan Aivazovsky called "Rainbow".

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kluizenaer - "Anachoryt" (2015)

KLUIZENAER "Anachoryt"

Year: 2015
Genre: Raw Black Metal, Dark Ambient/Drone
Country: Netherlands

Track List:
  1. Ontkenning Van Het Bestaan Van Betekenis Of Waarde
  2. Allesomvattende Afkeer

The second release by a Dutch one-man project whose debut one was reviewed by me this summer. This new EP is still rooted in dark ambient and noise/drone, but it's definitely more BM-oriented than the debut album. Quite impressive stuff, especially if you listen to it alone in the dark.

Monday, November 2, 2015

BLOW OUT - "Rehearsal Hell #1" (2015)

BLOW OUT - "Rehearsal Hell #1"

Year: 2015
Genre: Hardcore, Anarchist Black Metal
Country: Germany

Track List:

  1. Schwitzkaste
  2. Infected
  3. I.D.G.F.
  4. Kacknesie
  5. Nagelhagel

Blow Out begins their first track with fair recording quality in a fast-paced hardcore punk fashion. Their sound is akin to Agnostic Front with a more fun, less Oi! sound, but definitely shows it's hardcore punk side. Their lyrics are rather catchy and distinguishable despite playing fast hardcore punk and screaming the lyrics. Their second track, Infected begins with intense cesauras, yet shows the quality of the recording as the singer's exhausted voice falters. Unfortunately, the second track is unable to give the same quality as the first track but it is enjoyable nonetheless. Their third track, I.D.G.F. only shows the singer's exhaustion more clearly in an obviously rushed recording. Their fourth track, Kacknesie is a slower song that provides a very black metal sound that is a relief both to the singer's vocals and to my ears. The end of Kacknesie reminded me of the intensity of hardcore punk, though I wish the whole song would've showed that initiative. The last song, Nagelhagel shows more black metal initiative. Overall, the song had some great positive initiative, but the recording was rushed with a fair quality of recording. I give it two and a half stars, ** */**.

Voice Eater - "Nihil" (2015)

Voice Eater - "Nihil"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal, Doom/Sludge, Noisecore
Country: USA

Track List:

  1. Luz Negra
  2. Weight
  3. Defeater
  4. Vida Mierda
  5. Orphan Breed
  6. Weakling
  7. Duele
  8. Catharsis

Voice Eater from Arizona starts their first song, Luz Negra with according to me, excessively annoying ambience and follows that up with very poor recording that makes their music a headache to listen to. The same can be said of their second track, though their third track, Defeater was a lot more enjoyable despite the poor quality with it's more distinguishable screaming and enjoyable power chords. Their fourth track, Vida Mierda was of less quality than Defeater but slightly enjoyable. I really think their fifth track, Orphan Breed would've been a huge artistic success if it had been recorded with better equipment and/or under better circumstances. The same can be somewhat said of their sixth track, Weakling. Their seventh track, Duele shows amazing clarity initially despite minimal feedback on the song's recording. Their last and longest track Catharsis sounds like another potential minor success of a song from the album that was hampered by poor quality recording. It's finale sounds brilliant and somehow shines through the poor recording. A complete summary of the album would be that it was too poorly recorded to give a fair and accurate review, but I'll give it one and a half stars for effort. * */**.

Uninhabitable - "Self-Titled" (2015)

Uninhabitable - "Self-Titled"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal, Blackened Crust, Hardcore
Country: USA

Track List:

  1. Banish the Throne
  2. War Crimes
  3. Se Soulever
  4. Duke of Progress

Uninhabitable from Asheville, North Carolina begins their first song with dark ambience and slowly strummed power chords that can draw you in to their dark, twisted world. The vocals provide an intense screaming reminiscent of what I would think is comparative to (non-anarchist) Motorhead's vocals. The song's caesuras or brief, silent pauses are also reminiscent of the band Korn (non-anarchist). Banish the Throne is sixteen minutes of brutal anarchist metal that is mostly beautiful. At short-lived intervals throughout the last half of the song the vocals become momentarily less than above par, but overall a great song with a total length of sixteen minutes and one second. Their second song, War Crimes begins with a short silence followed by power chords that seem to neither decelerate or accelerate very much. The same vocals from the last song continue, albeit more high-pitched. After about three and a half minutes the second song's beat and vocals slow down considerably.

Their third song, Se Soulever begins with high noted power chords that convey an expectation of acceleration and the song holds true to that fact with accelerated power chords, drumming and vocals. Their fourth song, Duke of Progress initially begins with power chords and drumming that alternates between acceleration and deceleration that is joined by the screaming vocals later on. Overall, I would rate the album four stars ****.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Brain Famine - "Exploding Paranoid Universe" (2015)

Brain Famine - "Exploding Paranoid Universe"

Year: 2015
Genre: Death/Grind/Thrash Metal
Country: USA

Track List:

  1. Intro - Site of Future Landfill
  2. Corrosive Pain Lock
  3. Hallucinating Contagion
  4. Wallow at the Lower Rungs
  5. Absurdist Euphoria
  6. Ignite and Repeal
  7. Exploding Paranoid Universe
  8. Personal Violene
  9. Selfward While Blind
  10. Implement Systematic Dogmacide

Brain Famine from Boston with a Ukrainian member begin their first track, Intro - Site of Future Landfill with a distorted voice mixed with ambience that then grips power chords with increasing intensity that is quite attractive to the ear. The second track, Corrosive Pain Lock begins with a sound byte of what sounds like English ultra-violence and follows through with vocals very well done akin to Marilyn Manson's voice, but with awesome fast paced black metal! Their third track, Hallucinating Contagion also begins with a sound byte from a movie of violence and leads to very carefully crafted power chords and the singer takes us through a different volley of awesome vocals mixed with very skilful and very fast-paced power chords!

Their fourth track, Wallow at the Lower Rungs carries the same vocals akin to skilled Marilyn Manson yet uniquely fast-paced power chords to create another masterpiece for the black metal scene! Their fifth track, Absurdist Euphoria begins with a violent gun shot sound byte with screaming that slows down from their usually ultra-fast tempo, but still of awesome quality. Their sixth track, Ignite and Repeal was a bit below par of what I anticipated from the band so far. The tempo was fast and upbeat, but the power chords and vocals lacked in skill which dropped the rating half a star for me. Their seven track, Exploding Paranoid Universe failed to amaze me with the lack of sequential patterns of their power chords. It seemed to attempt to cover up the lack of five star talent from the sixth track.

Their eighth track, Personal Violence was mediocre unfortunately as well. I get the feeling that the last half of the album didn't have as much effort put into it as the first, which is too bad. Their ninth track, Selfward While Blind begins with a sound byte and harkens back to some more than mediocre vocals and power chords more agreeable to this band's excellent artistically creative potential. At this point I am persuaded from dropping the rating from 4 1/2 to 4 stars. Their last track, Implement Systematic Dogmacide begins with a war sound byte and very attractive power chords at first, but overall a much more acceptable sound than tracks six through eight. Overall, I give them four and a half stars! **** */**!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rookscare - "Unusable Signals" (2015)

Rookscare - "Unusable Signals"

Year: 2015
Genre: Anarcho-punk, Crust Doom, Industrial Metal
Country: United States

Track List:

  1. Binary Blackhole
  2. Children of the Wilted Flowers
  3. Mother, Could Heaven Melt?
  4. Herd Mentality
  5. Shadow of Vandalia

The album begins with their first track, Binary Blackhole that begins with power chords and dark robot ambience. Later on, there is dark anarcho-punk screaming akin to a slower, lower and better recorded version of Amebix's vocals. Their second track, Children of the Wilted Flowers begins with slow power chords and doesn't build up to vocals until about after one minute and fifty seconds in. The song ends with appropriate dark monk ambience. Their third track, Mother, Could Heaven Melt begins with power chords, moderately slow drumming and news recordings declaring "everything has been done in this state for the corporate good".

There are other recordings as well on the track that are played over the news recordings as the power chords and drumming continues. Their fourth track, Herd Mentality begins with very slow drumming and dark ambience. The vocals of the band's members sound a bit rough, but the music carries the song through with it's power chords really striking a note in my heart at about 5:25. The lyrics "Herd mentality is abandonment" help carry the song through as well.

Shadow of Vandalia begins with pipes akin to presumably an indigenous culture and leads to power chords and slow drumming. The recording begins to decline more after the slight decline of track two. The chorus of the second band member does give a unique energy to the track that makes it much more desirable about four minutes and forty-five seconds in. Their last track is quite pleasant throughout afterwards. Over all, I give it three stars ***.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Alda - "Passage" (2015)

Alda - "Passage"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal, Blackened Crust, Hardcore
Country: United States

Track List:

  1. The Clearcut
  2. Passage
  3. Weather
  4. The Crooked Trail
  5. Animis

The album begins with their first track, The Clearcut which has the noise ambience of crickets followed by guitar strumming. The guitars entangle into their own chorus until a dramatic pause followed by guitar plucking reminiscent of Central American folk which is joined by beautiful singing, not only from the male singer but the female as well. You are sucked into an absolutely beautiful album and know it at this point. I was hesitant, but I already was thinking "this is a five star album" to myself already. The song then makes a dramatic pause to accelerate into power chords and screaming lyrics of despair and desperation.

Their second track, Passage begins under the cover of rainfall with an absolutely brilliant, dark and sombre strumming mixed with power chords that leads to somewhat accelerated power chords and screaming that churns your soul. Their third track, Weathering is quite sombre and darkly appealing that builds up with a slight intensity that subtly maintains that attractive sombreness and darkness. Their fourth track begins with water ambience noise and softly builds up folksy guitar strumming, which is very beautiful as well in a calming manner. Their last track Animis begins with barking puppy noise ambience followed by a build-up of strong screaming, but not over-fiercely met with too strong of guitar strumming and power chords throughout the rest of the song. Absolutely a new favourite album of mine and obviously a five star strong album! *****!

Alda - "Tahoma" (2012)

Alda - "Tahoma"

Year: 2012
Genre: Black Metal, Blackened Crust, Hardcore
Country: United States

Track List:

  1. In The Wake of an Iron Wind
  2. Adrift
  3. Tearing of the Wave
  4. Shadow of the Mountain
  5. Wandering Spirit

The album begins with their first track, In The Wake of an Iron Wind, which builds up slowly at first, but with a growing pace that leads to a relapse of a build-up, except with power chords. The vocals tend to dive into your soul during the introduction of it, or at least I felt that way. The song ends softly as it begins after the outro which is after the ten minute mark. Their second track, Adrift begins with water ambience, but then proceeds to power chords which build up and slow down multiple times as well.

Their third track, Tearing of the Wave continues in the same tradition of build-up relapses from soft vocals, guitar plucking and guitar strumming to screaming and power chords. Shadow of the Mountain, their fourth track also continues this pattern, but maintains itself throughout with soft lyrics and soft melodies that are continuously catchy throughout the album. In my opinion, Shadow of the Mountain is the best track on the album.

Their last and fifth track, Wandering Spirit picks up the build-up and relapse pattern, except strictly with power chords, that the first three tracks embraced and ends with a dark ambience of howling wolves. I liked this band, but wanted to hear more sounds like Shadow of the Mountain off of this album. I give it three and a half stars *** (*/**).