Friday, October 31, 2014

Cepheide - "De Silence et de Suie" (2014)

CEPHEIDE "De Silence et de Suie"

Year: 2014
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: France

Track List:
  1. A la Croisée des Ames
  2. Là où les Idoles demeurent
  3. L'Homme Ruine
  4. Deluge

One more band that's significantly influenced by Ash Borer, WITTR, etc., although they're quite far from the Cascadian region. Cepheide are a 3-piece band from Paris, started this year by a member of a DSBM project Scaphandre. The demo is self-produced, and intended to be "without artifice & based on feelings".

Solbrud - "Jærtegn" (2014)

SOLBRUD "Jærtegn"

Year: 2014
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Track List:

  1. Sortedøden
  2. Afbed
  3. Klippemennesket
  4. Ursult

As I said before, I need at least mention the new album of Solbrud on my blog (won't post a direct download link, but you'll easily find it if you need it). I've seen a lot of comments saying it's "nothing special" or "average at best", but I found it to be very good. Solid atmospheric BM album, definitely more WITTR-influenced than the previous one, and coming from a band that has certain anarchist sympathies... what's more to wish for?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Haltlose - "Natural" (2014)

HALTLOSE "Natural"

Year: 2014
Genre: Metallic Crust/Hardcore
Country: Finland

Track List:
  1. Slump
  2. Unshocking
  3. Extremist
  4. For Once
  5. Natural

Haltlose have just released their 2nd EP, and since you're already familiar with this Finnish band, I'd be brief: just like their debut, it's quite intense metallic crust/hardcore. Not disappointing at all.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Iamí - "Luz e Sombra" (2014)

IAMI "Luz e Sombra"

Year: 2014
Genre: Raw Black Metal, Dark Ambient / Dungeon Synth
Country: Brazil 

Track List:
  1. Crença Profana
  2. Lamento
  3. Rito Iniciático
  4. Orvalho do Crepúsculo
  5. Cura e Magia
  6. Quietude 1

One more release from my inbox that isn't available for free, but still streamable on bandcamp, and intended primarily for the fans of DIY black metal and (to a lesser extent) dungeon synth:

"Iamí (means "night" in the ancient indigenous Tupi language) is a one man band from Brazil, intended to play a different kind of black metal, without losing it's roots, and increasing with the dungeon synth atmosphere. The lyrical themes goes from ancient shamanism practices, spirituality, nature, human consciousness and meditation.

 This is Iamí's debut album. It contains 6 tracks which goes from black metal to dungeon synth, with very profound meanings, influenced by personal transcendental experiences. Produced in a small dungeon room with only a few resources, an old keyboard and a simple guitar, it got a very artistic sound.  The lyrics are in brazilian portuguese, but the music speaks to all"


Siberian Hell Sounds & NØNE - split (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Grindcore, Metallic Hardcore
Country: Australia 

Track List:
  1. SHS///By the voice of his Master
  2. NØNE///Reap///Finding a Way
  3. SHS///A Cult will rise.

You're already familiar with Siberian Hell Sounds, and here's their new release after a 6 months-long hiatus - a split 10'' with their fellow Brisbanites NØNE. The band themselves recommend it to the fans of Pig Destroyer, Amenra or Converge (or basically any bands that sound similar to the aforementioned). Unfortunately, they can't put it up for free for the following reasons (although you still can listen to it @ bandcamp):

"It would be great if we were able to give these songs away for free and not have to subsist on a diet of Mi Goreng and crack for the next year but unfortunately we were reamed pretty fucking hard on the cost of putting this together and can't afford to put together a vinyl order without a bit of support from you.

 We put a lot of effort into our products and sell them as close to cost price as possible and will never release or sell anything that we wouldn't personally be stoked on. If you're reading this it means you're already properly engaged with the DIY music scene and I don't have to expound upon grindcore's ability to empty your bank account in the funnest way possible..."

Aires & Rui P. Andrade & Earthly Beasts - split (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Dark Ambient / Drone
Country: Portugal 

Track List:
  1. Aires : Solvet Cosmos in Favilla
  2. Rui P. Andrade : Turdus Merula
  3. Earthly Beasts : Erebus

The newest release from Aires, made in collaboration with Rui P. Andrade (a member of the noise/BM trio Ecos) and Earthly Beasts (a dark ambient project based in Lisbon), and released by the netlabel Enough Records. Just like the first release, it's very good and completely free for download. Aires himself describes this split as "one track is quiet, almost timid, another one is mechanical, almost industrial, and the other has this ghostly quality to it", yet he thinks that the music should speak for itself, and it's up for you to decide if you enjoy this kind of stuff.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

DRÅP - "En Naturlig Död" (2014)

DRÅP "En Naturlig Död"

Year: 2014
Genre: Metallic Crust, Grindcore
Country: Sweden 

Track List:
  1. Preparat
  2. Avsked
  3. Förstörd
  4. Häktad
  5. Horblod
  6. Nekad Till Vård
  7. Vedergällning
  8. Höstmörker
  9. Ett Hopplöst Fall
  10. En Naturlig Död

  • Vox - Joachim
  • Guitar - Jesper
  • Bass - Samuel
  • Drums - Lejon
DRÅP are a self-described "death metal/crust/hardcore/whatever"-band from Sundsvall, Sweden. Their first 12'' LP "En Naturlig Död" ("A Natural Death") was released DIY, and this link is band sanctioned, yet it's also can be found in distros and their bandcamp. Musically it's Scandinavian crust in its best, and I'm sure a lot of my readers are into such stuff too.

bandcamp / facebook

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ignis Gratis - split w/ Warhounds (2014)

Year: 2014
Genre: Epic Crust
Country: USA 

Track List:
  1. We Wait

Ignis Gratis (formerly Vomit Assault) are a 4-piece band from Kansas City. This track is their side of a split 7'' w/ Warhounds from Houston, TX (they've disbanded since then). Right now, Ignis Gratis are on their 4th tour (see facebook for dates), and preparing for their first East Coast tour in November.

Parusía - "Y Su Noche No Tendrá Fin" (2014)

PARUSÍA "Y Su Noche No Tendrá Fin"

Year: 2014
Genre: Neocrust, Post-Metal
Country: Spain 

Track List:
  1. Cajas Destemplás (Introducción)
  2. Brumas de Desesperanza
  3. Víctimas De Una Sinrazón
  4. Secretos en la Oscuridad
  5. La Misma Muerte Que Hoy Nos Separa, Nos Reunirá Algún Día
  6. Vuestro Silencio Os Hace Complices
  7. ...Y Su Noche No Tendrá Fin


Julio • Drums
Adri • Bass
Samu • Guitar
Fran • Vocals & Guitar 

Parusía are a neocrust band from Andalusia (South-West Spain). All the 4 members are involved in the metal/harcore/punk scene since the beggining of the 00’s with other several bands, and describe their current style as: "a mixture of metal, doom, d-beat, hardcore etc taking as mayor influences bands such as Ekkaia, Ictus, Momentum, Protestant, Horseback etc." 

Release notes:

"The lyrics are in spanish but I have translated all of them and all the info related to the album since it is a conceptual album dealing with anarchism, anti-fascism and the problems with despots in Andalusia, something that (sadly) still lives on here. It’s about the Mano Negra (Black Hand) group, a ‘terrorist’ group (it was a secret political group), acused by the spanish goverment of that time (late 19th century) of crimes that they did not do in order to stop a peasant rebellion"


Monday, October 20, 2014

KHÖI - s/t (2013)

KHÖI "Khöi"

Year: 2013
Genre: Blackened Crust/Sludge
Country: Mexico 

Track List:
  1. Reticula Aurea
  2. Mors Hominum
  3. Disturbio
  4. El Nacimiento de la Oscuridad

An EP from my readers in Mexico, which is a kind of instrumental blackened stoner/post-rock. There's more info on their bandcamp page, but it's mostly in Spanish. Anyway, the stuff presented on this EP is quite good, hope for more releases from them in the future.