Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Human Error - "Life Sentence" (2006)

HUMAN ERROR "Life Sentence"

Year: 2006
Genre: Grindcore / Crust / Death Metal
Country: Hungary
Label: Endless Brutality Of Men Records

Track List:
  1. Living Common Grave
  2. Torture Culture
  3. So Fucking Cool!
  4. Készülni A Legrosszabbra!
  5. Egyenesen A Semmibe
  6. Concentration Army
  7. Semmi Nem Számít
  8. Hateful Point
  9. Sin Doesn't Fly Away!
  10. Protozoan Life
  11. Fuck The Police!
  12. As The General Taste Dictates
  13. Amerikai Álom
  14. Intézményesített Rabság
  15. This Age Declined
  16. Endgame Of A Fatal Blame
  17. Nehéz Ügy

In addition to my previous post: so far I couldn't find any album by a Hungarian band which is more suitable for my blog than this one. It isn't black metal, but it's very intense crust/grindcore obviously influenced by Napalm Death and Scandinavian crust bands. Of course Human Error is a political band... unfortunately their former drummer now plays in a RAC band, but the band is definitely anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian and so on. My feelings after listening to this album can best be described by the name of the 3rd track. So fucking cool, indeed!



  1. let me get it and I will tell you my impressions of it, what is the name of the RAC band though? to avoid it :D


  2. I asure you that this band is DEFINITELY as described by Black_K. and has nothing to do with right wing bullshit. I saw them live in thessaloniki and they played in a squat.
    Awesome band.
    --S, Crucified Bastard

  3. "Drums: Rocker (currently Fehér Törvény)"
    I guess it's this RAC band:

  4. totally nazi bullshit as I saw... meh