Friday, April 27, 2012

Axidance & Rivers Run Dry & Doomsday & Abyssal - 4-way split (2011)


Year: 2011
Genre: Blackened Post-Metal / Neocrust / Raw Crust
Country: Russia / Hungary / Colombia / Mexico

Track List:

  1. Beginning of the path
  2. The last cry of nature (Part I)
  3. I know the sky loves me
  4. The sign
  5. They died because of you
Rivers Run Dry
  1. Rephrasing old dogmas
  2. The clock's tyranny
  3. Hearts urbanized
  4. Failure/success
  1. Asesino del estado
  2. Degradacion
  3. Falsos positivos
  1. Blindness

Not so much time has passed after Axidance/Gattaca split was released, and now they made another split - now with 3 other crust bands from all around the world. All the Axidance tracks on this split are new versions of their old songs (except for track #2), recorded with different lineup:
  • Dionis (vocal, guitar)
  • Sergiy (guitar)
  • Ilya (bass)
  • Sergiy (drums, synths)
  • Ksenia (synths)
Rivers Run Dry are a neocrust band from Budapest with Dr.Slayer on bass, who also plays in Human Error. As for me, I like Human Error better, but nevertheless, it's good to see another crust band from a country which has loads of nationalist rock bands, but neither a big crust scene, nor anything like Cascadian BM scene.

Doomsday are a raw old-school crust band from Colombia whose lyrics are mostly about Colombian civil war (which isn't surprising at all, though - it's the main lyrical theme in both Colombian crust and thrash metal scenes; and while living in the country with an ongoing guerrilla conflict, I understand them quite well). To be honest, they're my least favourite on the whole split, but if you're into stuff like Hatross, you may like Doomsday as well.

As for Abyssal, I can say their music is relatively far from post-metal or crust, but I definitely like the acoustic parts of their track. BTW, there's one more RABM-sympathising band called Abyssal - atmospheric death metal from the UK - whose first album I'll post a little later.

Overall, a quite decent split, and Axidance's side is clearly the best. The physical release: 500 books with CD; 6 color pages with lyrics and photos; released as a benefit for the Anarchist Black Cross. Distributed by: They Live rec. | Иакх rec. | Black Cardinal rec. | Resist rec. | My Riot Inward rec. | Wasted Sky's rec.


  1. A total surprise for me to see Axidance on the lead with a another split, regarding the other bands I didnt know them, I will give it a listen and see how good this sounds.


  2. one of the best split with Axidance