Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rare live videos of Profecium & Sartan

So, it has come to my attention that Solrak (a former member of Profecium, who now plays in Vorkuta) is making the detailed history of Profecium, Sartan (his early black/death metal band) and Zoretor (hardcore/punk). While I don't share his Trotskyist views, it'd be definitely interesting to read the history of the first RABM band in existence. Here are some live videos from the 90s:


Sartan - probably the first BM band in Argentina

Vorkuta (a recent video; but to be honest, they look and sound like they're forever stuck in 80s)


  1. Wish they would reform or even just rerecord Socialismo Satanico. I'm definitely not a Trot either but they were still a lot cooler than that crappy RAC band, Absurd.

  2. More people need to hear Sartan too.

  3. Apart from music, Trotskism is the first attempt to take down marxism-leninism and nothing else, since when Trotsky was still in cpsu he demonstrated to not undestand a thing of the leninist line...