Thursday, December 10, 2009

Profecium - "Socialismo Satanico" (1997)

PROFECIUM "Socialismo Satanico"

Year: 1997
Genre: Communist Black Metal
Country: Argentina
Label: self-prod.

Track List:

  1. Intro - Declaración de Principios
  2. Dios Explotador
  3. Proletarios Unidos
  4. El Lamento de sus Mujeres
  5. Cruz Fascista
  6. Terrorismo de Estado
  7. Socialismo Satanico
  8. En el Nombre de la Sangre
  9. Impalando Burgueses
  10. Inkisidor Imperial
  11. Antro - BlackersFascistas


Finally, here comes one of the most obscure and rare releases that I have right now. I always thought Agony from Canada (sorry, I was mistaken - they're from USA) and Mrakobesie from Russia were the first communist black metal bands ever. And now it turns out that there was a communist BM band in Argentina in the mid-90s! Charles D. Ward, you can be happy now -here's exactly such revolutionary socialist black metal you have dreamed of.

The sound is unsurprisingly raw, yet very melodic. I couldn't find much info about the band, except they were from Buenos Aires, and have recorded only one LP and one demo. Some of the band members were participated in the very first Argentinian black metal band Sartan, and in the bands called Bolchevikes and Terrorist. I know nothing about these bands, but they probably were political (left-wing) too.

Much more stuff is coming soon, keep an eye on updates!


  1. Haha, great man, thanks a lot. It's an honour that you thought of me. Nazdrovje, tovarich! ;)

  2. Hey I really like your blog and im wondering if you wouldnt mind featuring my bands music. if your interested you can message us at

  3. i see you posted Hotbild's Destination doden,so its ok, sorry but i dont have Brutal Jävla Replokalsinspelnin, i have Against humanity 4 way split with Humanicide, Kult of Azazel, Obitus and Thylord. this is 98Mb, you want the entire record or just the Humanicide tracks? (the other bands are in the usual occult/evil/whatever shit)

  4. Check:
    Tyrant (Blackened Punk)

    Kickback (Blackened Hardcore Punk)

    Haust (Blackened Hardcore Punk)

    Okkultokrati (Blackened Punk)

    Deviated Instinct (Death Crust, since 1984!!!)

    Goatwhore (Blackened Punk/Thrash/Crossover)

    Blackthrone(Blackened Punk)

    Delete the mass (Blackened Punk/Grind)

    Cheers, S from CRUCIFI(E)D B(A)STARD.

  5. GREAT
    greetings from Chile, I'm glad to can hear this!

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  7. In "El lamento de sus mujeres" you can hear, at the end of the song: "¡Libertad a Sacco y Vanzetti" which means "Liberty for Sacco y Vanzetti!"

  8. argh, it should say: "¡Libertad a Saco y Vanzetti!"

  9. Thank you, S.! I'll check out all these bands, though now I have such a lot of stuff to listen...

    7inchcrust: see my last post, it appears like there are multiple bands under the name Humanicide. It would be cool if you upload the whole split, but just the Humanicide tracks would be fine too.

    Meurtrier: thanks for your feedback! So Profecium are anarcho-friendly too :)

  10. About Humanicide.
    I checked Metal Archives and i found that they(he) at the one split you can see the Anarchist "A" symbol, BUT, at the latest release he they have a nazi cross on the cover.
    I mean...WHAT THE FUCK?


  11. Hmm... - yes, it's celtic cross. Honestly I don't know what to think about that. The celtic cross was used during ~1500 years in various countries by various groups of people (including both Celtic pagans and christians), but now it's mainly associated with white power movement indeed.

  12. Yes, they were communist and participated -back then from middle nineties to end of the decade- in antifas atacks and left-winged groups.

    The intro-song explains marxist topics mixed with workers claims of better conditions and satanic topics. They talk about politics in almost all songs...

  13. jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajjaja.....................
    Esto era lo que faltaba una puta banda de Black Metal expresando brutalidades comunistas jajajajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajaja
    Esta estúpida banda duro lo mismo que el comunismo:

    1. brutalidad fue lo que hizo tu ramera madre cuando te pario basura anticomunista hijo de puta! de marxismo no rebuznes que ni el capital te habrás leído basura humana! el capitalismo de estado de la urss no fue comunismo ristra de mierda ignorante y euronymous de mayhem admiraba a stalin, incluso fenriz de darkthrone fue militante comunista antes de formar a la banda. si no sabes no rebuznes vomito de perro pútrido!

  14. About Humanicide...
    I checked their myspace as well and the words "Hail Victory" are posted beside the words "Hail Chaos." "Hail victory" means "sieg heil" in English. A lot of white supremists think most peopel are ignorant of this fact and so use it instead.

  15. Putos comunistas de mierda... Saludos desde Colombia!!!!

    1. puta tu cerda madre basura anticomunista hijo de puta! ristra de mierda infecta uribestia lameculos de estados unidos! saludos desde el motel en donde me follo a tu asquerosa madre basura!

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  17. Brutal material hermano

    Saludos socialistas