Saturday, December 12, 2009

Profecium - "Satanas" (demo, 1996)


Year: 1996
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: Argentina
Label: self-prod.

Track List:
  1. Ehomme, Etrah, Ejel, Aser, Ejech, Adonay, Iah, Tetragramaton, Sotherischiros, Athanatos, Amen
  2. El santuario
  3. La sombra de la muerte (intro)
  4. La sombra de la muerte
  5. Orgia entre los muertos
  6. La tierra de satan (intro)
  7. La tierra de satan
  8. El reinado de la bestia (intro)
  9. El reinado de la bestia
  10. Acta Sanctorum
  11. Malleus malleficarum
  12. En el Nombre de La Sangre
  13. Causatan (intro)
  14. Causatan
  15. Maria Padilla

It's the first demo by Profecium, and unlike "Socialismo Satanico", it's about the typical "true" black metal subjects (satanism, occultism, etc.) rather than politics. However, I'll tag it as "communist black metal" too. The overall quality of recording and musicianship isn't much better than those of Curt & The Contras ;), so be prepared for a very raw sound. Though this demo does feature some interesting acoustic and folk/tribal parts, in general I'd recommend to check out "Socialismo Satanico" first.

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