Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rütäbägä - demo (2011)

RUTABAGA "demo 2011"

Year: 2011
Genre: Raw Crust
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Just Another Droid
  2. 40oz Warriors
  3. Hashishanj
  4. Coffee Madness
  5. Sling Yer' Rocks
  6. We Destroy! (sample)
  7. The Cave

Here's the first demo of Rütäbägä, "bastard thrash/crust from Central Oregon" (their self-description). It's quite short, and the quality of production is very raw, so I can't guaranteeyou'll like this demo... but according to the band, there are no other bands playing music like this around Central Oregon, and the demo is heavily inspired by many RABM bands - so why not to post it? And I actually envy them a little, because they live in a region that's a part of a homeland of the whole Cascadian metal scene... Hope they'll record a proper release soon.

P.S. Check out also Edda, a folk/viking metal band from Colorado/Utah, who were featured on Middle Oregon Metal/Punk blog along with Rütäbägä. They're strongly against the use of Vikings and Asatru symbology in Neo-Nazi propaganda. So far they don't even have a demo, only two songs recorded in amateur quality, but even these two tracks sound VERY promising. Unfortunately there's very little hope for hearing a proper demo from them, as there are no records of their activity past 2008...

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