Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Nightmare Collective - Misery and Terror Demo (2014)

NIGHTMARE COLLECTIVE - Misery and Terror Demo

Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Crust/d-beat
Country: Canada

Track listing:
  1. Refuse to Relax
  2. Recipe for Madness
  3. Indifferent Society
  4. The Only Escape is a Trap
  5. Sick and Distressed
  6. To Return
Roughly about a year old by this point but I think it fits the vibe so far of this site. Nightmare Collective is a two piece of bass-drums-vocals with the latter duties being traded off throughout the demo. If you like the sound of a crusty bass mixed with d-beats and reverb drenched shouts, you might dig this. NC hail from Montreal which hosts a very active left-wing scene as well as a music scene in general.

Hoping to see more from them in the future! A proper release definitely needs to be put out.


Elurra - "Alles was kommt ist Schnee" (2015)

ELURRA - "Alles was kommt ist Schnee"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black metal
Country: Germany

Track Listing:
  1. Alles was blelbt ist Schnee
  2. Die Jagd
  3. Ragnarok
  4. Ewiger Winter
  5. Akte Gotter
  6. Unser Krieg
A fine album that just got posted on "The Dark Skies Above Us" Collective facebook group. Elurra is a self-described RABM band from Germany which is always an exciting thing to see. Musically this album (so far at least) is very straight forward but well done black metal plain and simple. It's got all sorts of speeds and textures with solid vocals overtop. The colour scheme of their bandcamp and album cover is quite nice as well with it's wintery blue overtones over top the usual black and greys. I might just be picky and weird but I like a good colour scheme. They kind of invoke a specific image for the band and I think that's important.

Anyways, for those who are looking for straight RABM with no strings attached, check this release out! It's currently up for free on their bandcamp and promises of a physical release have also been made.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Seeds In Barren Fields - "Let The Earth Be Silent After Ye" (2015)

SEEDS IN BARREN FIELDS "Let The Earth Be Silent After Ye"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black/Death Metal, Blackened Crust
Country: Sweden

Track List:

  1. A Gospel of the Flesh
  2. Home
  3. Internalize Deir Yassin
  4. Communion
  5. Echoes of a Forgotten Rhythm
  6. The Epitaph of the Vain and the Forgotten
  7. Days of Heaven
  8. Let the Earth be Silent After Ye
  9. Entropy

This album, released just a couple of days ago, was already posted on a number of blogs, and I think it has to be on here as well. I included the official bandcamp link ($7 for download), but if you want it for free, you easily can find it in other blogs. Better to buy it, though, because it's easily one of the best RABM-related albums of 2015, and such work should be rewarded...

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kanto Arboretum - "The Prosperous Post-apocalyptic World" (2015)

KANTO ARBORETUM "The Prosperous Post-apocalyptic World"

Year: 2015
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Finland

Track List:
  1. Äiti maan äpärä
  2. The Prosperous Post-apocalyptic World
  3. En toivo jälleensyntymää
  4. The Fall of Icaros
  5. Bear Witness to the Process (The Evolution of Death)
  6. Pettymysten Kehä
  7. Dead Serious Generation

"History of a one man band called Kanto Arboretum began in year 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. The music of Kanto Arboretum carries a strong black metal influence as it is simplistic, atmospheric and rawish by the sound. Lyrical themes consists of dystopic, misantrophic images as well as nature and environmental views. Even hints of criticism towards capitalism and consumerism can be found from the texts.  

 The name Kanto Arboretum is derived from an absurd thought: what if there was an arboretum (i.e. botanical collection of trees) where all the wood were cut down, thus allowing to study only tree stumps (Finnish word “kanto” meaning tree stump in English). All in all, Kanto Arboretum makes a perfect name for a band with dystopic music and philosophy. The first demoalbum “Kevyt on murhe kantaa” was finished at the end of October 2011. Second demoalbum “City of Grass” was finished in November 2012"

If I understand it correctly, Kanto Arboretum currently is a duo, since J. Savlo joined in 2014, bringing his other guitar and bass and taking part in songwriting. Their stuff may be not exactly "anarchist" but definitely" green", and probably would appeal to the fans of Cascadian BM bands with the similar worldview.

With this album, I've posted everything I planned (if I haven't forgot anything), so I'll focus on cleaning up the blog and resurrecting dead links in the foreseeable future. Stay tuned.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sordide - "La France a peur" (2014)

SORDIDE "La France a peur"

Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal
Country: France

Track List:
  1. Ni nom ni drapeau
  2. Blâme
  3. Gloire
  4. L'innocence
  5. La France a Peur
  6. Pauvre Histoire
  7. Violence

Sordide are a BM power trio formed at the end of 2013 in Normandy (northern France). "La France a peur" is their debut full-length album released on 1st December 2014 through Avantgarde Music. They claim that my activities in the RABM movement seem to fit perfectly with their music and ethic, and mostly agree with the answer in my FAQ regaring the quiestion of misanthropy in RABM. As for the sound, I recommend to check out this review, which is pretty detailed and should give you a good idea of what to expect from this album. With my somethat limited knowledge of French BM scene, I'd agree with the main point of that review - it's a very "French" release, despite the "no name, no flag" rhetoric. According to the band, the follow-up album is already in the works.

bandcamp / facebook / blog

Bonus: a cover version of a popular song by Renaud, a French chanson singer well known for "a volatile temperament, innovative use of French, and edgy, dark, left-wing social and political themes" (Wikipedia):

Thursday, July 9, 2015

In Cauda Venenum - s/t (2015)

IN CAUDA VENENUM "In Cauda Venenum"

Year: 2015
Genre: (Post-)Black Metal
Country: France

Track List:
  1. Ωlpha
  2. Θmega
Not an explicitly political band, but they play good music and claim to discover a lot of great stuff due to my blog, so why not to support them? The Invisible Oranges zine defined their sound as "like a folk-less PANOPTICON", which I can't fully agree with, yet the similarities to Panopticon and a lot of other atmospheric (RA)BM/Cascadian bands are definitely audible on this album. It consists of two long tracks, ~42 minutes total playing time. Recommended for the fans of both atmospheric BM and doom metal.

bandcamp / facebook / blog / youtube

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Escvro - "Os Homens e As Estrelas" (2015)

ESCVRO "Os Homens e As Estrelas"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Brazil

Track List:
  1. Entropia
  2. Estupidez
  3. Perante as Estrelas
  4. Silentium Universi (instrumental)

A somewhat unusual one-man project from Brazil which released two EPs so far. Both are absolutely free to download and share, and one of them is presented here. Although Escvro identifies with the RABM movement, the lyrical content isn't political, yet very nihilistic and pessimistic - but not in the DSBM way. There are no guitars in Escvro, just bass. Everything is produced with very low-cost materials (simple CD-Rs and just one xeroxed sheet insert) and distributed freely. Both EPs are also available on 4shared (1, 2) in case if you don't have problems with that file host.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kluizenaer - "Radbraak" (2015)


Year: 2015
Genre: Dark Ambient, Drone/Noise
Country: Netherlands

Track List:
  1. Ik, De Duvelmakere
  2. Raaskalk
  3. Verpest en Vervloekt
  4. De Zwijgende Profeet

Kluizenaer ("Hermit") is an one-man project from a place with a strange name "'s Hertogenbosch", colloqually known as just "Den Bosch".  The music is mostly "blackened" ambient drone/noise. It isn't directly political, more medieval/occult-themed, but the person behind the project is definitely into the red/anarchist thought. More stuff is coming soon.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Metallic crust/hardcore/punk/BM demos - a brief roundup, part 2

While I just can't review all the not-quite-political and/or not-quite-BM stuff that I continue to receive in large amounts, I found some time to give at least a one-line mention to a lot of such releases that were sent to me over the last year. See the 1st part here.
  • Ohmu - a quite good drone/doom/post-rock band from Sweden with at least one member that's an avid reader of my blog... and yes, they're all anarchists!
  • Wrists Grow Cold - a neocrust band from Florida, influenced by Fall Of Efrafa, From Ashes Rise, Tragedy and Martyrdod, with an overall depressing sound;
  • theyeattheirowngod - described as just "anarcho-punk", but their sound turned out to be much heavier than I expected. For the fans of metallic crust and sludge;
  • They Leapt From Burning Windows - lo-fi USBM from Anchorage, Alaska. Their lyrics are said to be about "social downfall and the effects of modern life on the inner beast of man", but I don't have much info beyond that;
  • Sphere Eternal - a 2-piece DIY black metal project by my readers in Salt Lake City, UT. Currently released only one track - which is pretty good for a DIY home-recorded stuff, though;
  • Ritual Misery - hardcore/grind from South Florida, with a lot of sludge influence as well;
  • Fatal Return - raw blackened punk from Glasgow, released only one short demo so far;
  • Dræbsmanden - one-man hardcore/punk/grind/PV/whatever project from southern Norway, filled with "political meta-jokes" (which I and most of my readers probably won't be able to get due to the lack of proficiency in Norwegian language);
  • .leaves - self-described "animal liberation antifascist melancholic hardcore punk" from Jena(Germany). Some BM influence is present on their EP as well;
  • Banana Wakbar - one-man lo-fi grindcore/crust/noise project from France, influenced by  Magrudergrind, Spazz, Dropdead, etc.;
  • EU E OS MEUS ONANISMOS - pretty much the same as above, but from Portugal. Surely you shouldn't expect much from a project called "Me & My Onanism" or something like that, but it's up for you to decide;
  • Animalesco, o Método - another pretty strange death metal/crust project from Portugal whose first demo was sent to me by a member of AoM and a longtime follower of my blog more than year ago. Members of AoM also play in a band called Sem Talento ("No Talent");
  • Travels / Siberian Hell Sounds - another new track from SHS fetured on a with Travels, "Australia's best melodic hardcore band" as described on SHS' bandcamp page;
  • a new demo from Infantile Dissention (again, mostly anarcho-punk/hardcore, not much metal there);
  • Habemus Papam - a new project from my readers in Nantes, France; sounds like standard anarcho-punk/oi to me;
  • Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus - this surrealistic anarcho-noise project is back with a new release;
  • VIDAGUERRILLA - self-described "raunchy/sloppy d-beat punk from southern Spain, land of mental death, with lyrics about detachment, poli-ticks, and perfect for the dancing to the pagan Sun";
  • "Lost Songs" - Zirt's fourth album, which is "in fact a cover album that includes songs from another artists revised under the perspective of Zirt";
  • Alban Arthan - Sonoran black metal/crust, not many tracks or additional info so far;
  • american  (spelled all lowercase) - another obscure blackened crust band that's very worthy of being checked out, brought to me by Sentient Ruin Laboratories;
  • "The Droves"- the last up-to-date EP from Capa, a very good post(-black) metal band which was featured on my blog before;
  • Yazata - a band from New Mexico that was brought to my attention by one of my readers from that area long time ago: "It's black metalish, post-rockish for a sec, and characteristic of our New Mexico desert sound..." Sorry for taking such a long time to check it out, it's indeed very good;
  • Antarcht - a pretty good 2-piece black metal project from Eugene, Oregon. nice to know thay're readers of my blog;
  • Afgud - a new BM/funeral doom project from the Danish undergound. Not much info beyond that, unfortunately.
There are some videos as well. Let's start with a new track from Aggrenation, a Swedish crust band whose full-length release is expected to be out later this year. This track is based on the topic of post-colonial critique of the western world:

Another band from Sweden, their full-length is going to be released this year as well:

A track from my readers in France (no info about the band, unfortunately):

and from the United States (not much further info as well):

Hopefully this post covers almost everything that I didn't get to review during the last year. There probably still are some demo submissions that I've overlooked, but right now I don't feel like searching for them through my inbox. I'll post them in the same format if I find any, and I hope I'll never have to do that much work at a time again...

UPD 15 July 2015: there's some more stuff worth mentioning on here.
  • Tengil - "quasi-symphonic post-hardcore" from Sweden. Pretty good, although the sound is a bit too polished for my taste;
  • Enema Noise - post-hardcore from Brazil, presented to me by Share This Breath Records. The term "post-hardcore" is used here in its original sense - to describe the sound of 90's post-HC bands, not the modern commercial ones;
  • Cult Widow - blackened hardcore from Amsterdam, influenced by the bands like The Secret, Trap Them, Young And In The Way, Nails, etc. Not much further info avaialble, although their music is good;
  • Lambs - blackened hardcore/crust from Italy, influenced by YAITW as well;
  • God Mother - hardcore/metal/grindcore from Sweden;
  • Lay It On The Line - very good hardcore from south London. Holy Terror / Process Church-oriented stuff, ex-members of Hang The Bastard and Phinius Gage;
  • and, finally, Politess - a pretty interesting experimental HC/screamo/grind project from Montreal:

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

GaAsp - demo (2015)

GAASP "demo CS"

Year: 2015
Genre: Stenchcore, Metal/Punk
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Walls
  3. Waking The Witch
  4. Skin Like Snakes
  5. True Story
  6. Valkyries
  7. Highest Peak

A short cassette demo released June 13th in Portland, OR, influenced by punk-metal, crust and 80's hardcore (including such bands as Sacrilege, Celtic Frost, Amebix and Deviated Instinct). Lyrical themes include life struggles, social politics, religion and mysticism. While not a directly political band, everyone in GaAsp holds radical/leftist beliefs and some members have had involvement in Portland radical communities.