Friday, July 3, 2015

Metallic crust/hardcore/punk/BM demos - a brief roundup, part 2

While I just can't review all the not-quite-political and/or not-quite-BM stuff that I continue to receive in large amounts, I found some time to give at least a one-line mention to a lot of such releases that were sent to me over the last year. See the 1st part here.
  • Ohmu - a quite good drone/doom/post-rock band from Sweden with at least one member that's an avid reader of my blog... and yes, they're all anarchists!
  • Wrists Grow Cold - a neocrust band from Florida, influenced by Fall Of Efrafa, From Ashes Rise, Tragedy and Martyrdod, with an overall depressing sound;
  • theyeattheirowngod - described as just "anarcho-punk", but their sound turned out to be much heavier than I expected. For the fans of metallic crust and sludge;
  • They Leapt From Burning Windows - lo-fi USBM from Anchorage, Alaska. Their lyrics are said to be about "social downfall and the effects of modern life on the inner beast of man", but I don't have much info beyond that;
  • Sphere Eternal - a 2-piece DIY black metal project by my readers in Salt Lake City, UT. Currently released only one track - which is pretty good for a DIY home-recorded stuff, though;
  • Ritual Misery - hardcore/grind from South Florida, with a lot of sludge influence as well;
  • Fatal Return - raw blackened punk from Glasgow, released only one short demo so far;
  • Dræbsmanden - one-man hardcore/punk/grind/PV/whatever project from southern Norway, filled with "political meta-jokes" (which I and most of my readers probably won't be able to get due to the lack of proficiency in Norwegian language);
  • .leaves - self-described "animal liberation antifascist melancholic hardcore punk" from Jena(Germany). Some BM influence is present on their EP as well;
  • Banana Wakbar - one-man lo-fi grindcore/crust/noise project from France, influenced by  Magrudergrind, Spazz, Dropdead, etc.;
  • EU E OS MEUS ONANISMOS - pretty much the same as above, but from Portugal. Surely you shouldn't expect much from a project called "Me & My Onanism" or something like that, but it's up for you to decide;
  • Animalesco, o Método - another pretty strange death metal/crust project from Portugal whose first demo was sent to me by a member of AoM and a longtime follower of my blog more than year ago. Members of AoM also play in a band called Sem Talento ("No Talent");
  • Travels / Siberian Hell Sounds - another new track from SHS fetured on a with Travels, "Australia's best melodic hardcore band" as described on SHS' bandcamp page;
  • a new demo from Infantile Dissention (again, mostly anarcho-punk/hardcore, not much metal there);
  • Habemus Papam - a new project from my readers in Nantes, France; sounds like standard anarcho-punk/oi to me;
  • Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus - this surrealistic anarcho-noise project is back with a new release;
  • VIDAGUERRILLA - self-described "raunchy/sloppy d-beat punk from southern Spain, land of mental death, with lyrics about detachment, poli-ticks, and perfect for the dancing to the pagan Sun";
  • "Lost Songs" - Zirt's fourth album, which is "in fact a cover album that includes songs from another artists revised under the perspective of Zirt";
  • Alban Arthan - Sonoran black metal/crust, not many tracks or additional info so far;
  • american  (spelled all lowercase) - another obscure blackened crust band that's very worthy of being checked out, brought to me by Sentient Ruin Laboratories;
  • "The Droves"- the last up-to-date EP from Capa, a very good post(-black) metal band which was featured on my blog before;
  • Yazata - a band from New Mexico that was brought to my attention by one of my readers from that area long time ago: "It's black metalish, post-rockish for a sec, and characteristic of our New Mexico desert sound..." Sorry for taking such a long time to check it out, it's indeed very good;
  • Antarcht - a pretty good 2-piece black metal project from Eugene, Oregon. nice to know thay're readers of my blog;
  • Afgud - a new BM/funeral doom project from the Danish undergound. Not much info beyond that, unfortunately.
There are some videos as well. Let's start with a new track from Aggrenation, a Swedish crust band whose full-length release is expected to be out later this year. This track is based on the topic of post-colonial critique of the western world:

Another band from Sweden, their full-length is going to be released this year as well:

A track from my readers in France (no info about the band, unfortunately):

and from the United States (not much further info as well):

Hopefully this post covers almost everything that I didn't get to review during the last year. There probably still are some demo submissions that I've overlooked, but right now I don't feel like searching for them through my inbox. I'll post them in the same format if I find any, and I hope I'll never have to do that much work at a time again...

UPD 15 July 2015: there's some more stuff worth mentioning on here.
  • Tengil - "quasi-symphonic post-hardcore" from Sweden. Pretty good, although the sound is a bit too polished for my taste;
  • Enema Noise - post-hardcore from Brazil, presented to me by Share This Breath Records. The term "post-hardcore" is used here in its original sense - to describe the sound of 90's post-HC bands, not the modern commercial ones;
  • Cult Widow - blackened hardcore from Amsterdam, influenced by the bands like The Secret, Trap Them, Young And In The Way, Nails, etc. Not much further info avaialble, although their music is good;
  • Lambs - blackened hardcore/crust from Italy, influenced by YAITW as well;
  • God Mother - hardcore/metal/grindcore from Sweden;
  • Lay It On The Line - very good hardcore from south London. Holy Terror / Process Church-oriented stuff, ex-members of Hang The Bastard and Phinius Gage;
  • and, finally, Politess - a pretty interesting experimental HC/screamo/grind project from Montreal:

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