Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Metallic crust/hardcore/punk demos - a brief roundup, part 1

I continue to receive a lot of demos which are either not quite "political", or not quite "metal", or simply lack the needed information about the band/release, so I increasingly become reluctant of posting such stuff. Some of these demos, however, are quite interesting, and should be mentioned on here, at least as a part of "all-in-one" entry:
  • Insurrectionist - "Pseudo-Anarchy" - an young one-man project from Sterling Heights (Detroit area, Michigan). The author describes the sound on "Pseudo-Anarchy" as "black/speed metal", but as for me, it sounds more like punk than anything else. Anyway, he does support the RABM movement, and wants the greater RABM community to review his work as well.
  • Herida Profunda - s/t LP 2013 - metallic crust/hardcore with political lyrics, 3 band members are from Poland and 1 from UK. They haven't provided much information beside that, but their music is quite good.
  • (A)Hellskum(E) - demo MMXV - metallic crust from Hobart, Australia. Again, not much further info is available.
  • Grusterror - "Desolation" - blackened grindcore/crust from Marseille, featuring some members of Filthy Charity. Their lyrics are about both serious political things, and stuff like heroic fantasy (or just irony/fun at times).
  • A Ghastly Menace - "Horror Grind" EP and "New Gods/New Monsters" LP. While the first EP is more or less typical grindcore, the LP is quite interesting, and I can't come up with any better label for it than "Horror Metal". The project comes from the anarcho-crust background, and even though the author deliberately haven't made it overtly political, it still does reflect his political views in some way (he was an anarchist some time ago, but currently he refers to himself only as "skeptic", and I can understand why...) If you need more info about AGM, just ask me.
There are many more demos like these in my inbox, some of which waiting for a review for several months already. Unfortunately I don't have enough free time to properly review all of them (especially considering the usual problems with them which I mentioned before), but hopefully I'll make at least a brief roundup like this one in the future.

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  1. Things like this should be posted more often. I care more about the musician's intent than the genre. And I don't know any other site that collects "red" music like this one.

    One stupid question: What are your thoughts on critical theory? Have there been any bands posted here that have been influenced by it? (For example Adorno?) Didn't find any by searching.

    Thanks a lot for your work!