Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kerberos - "Amnesia Haze" (2015)

KERBEROS "Amnesia Haze"

Year: 2015
Genre: Blackened Crust
Country: Indonesia

Track List:
  1. Dance With Fire
  2. Parade Derita
  3. Amnesia Haze
  4. The End Of Misery
  5. Infernal Civilization (outro)

Kerberos is a new metallic crust project led by Iowa Ababil, a member of a several bands which already were featured on my blog - Winternight, World To Be Ashes, etc. They're based out of Bandung (Indonesia), and "Amnesia Haze" is their debut 5-track EP which was sent to me by Iowa himself. Hopefully you'll like it.

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