Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kanto Arboretum - "The Prosperous Post-apocalyptic World" (2015)

KANTO ARBORETUM "The Prosperous Post-apocalyptic World"

Year: 2015
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Finland

Track List:
  1. Äiti maan äpärä
  2. The Prosperous Post-apocalyptic World
  3. En toivo jälleensyntymää
  4. The Fall of Icaros
  5. Bear Witness to the Process (The Evolution of Death)
  6. Pettymysten Kehä
  7. Dead Serious Generation

"History of a one man band called Kanto Arboretum began in year 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. The music of Kanto Arboretum carries a strong black metal influence as it is simplistic, atmospheric and rawish by the sound. Lyrical themes consists of dystopic, misantrophic images as well as nature and environmental views. Even hints of criticism towards capitalism and consumerism can be found from the texts.  

 The name Kanto Arboretum is derived from an absurd thought: what if there was an arboretum (i.e. botanical collection of trees) where all the wood were cut down, thus allowing to study only tree stumps (Finnish word “kanto” meaning tree stump in English). All in all, Kanto Arboretum makes a perfect name for a band with dystopic music and philosophy. The first demoalbum “Kevyt on murhe kantaa” was finished at the end of October 2011. Second demoalbum “City of Grass” was finished in November 2012"

If I understand it correctly, Kanto Arboretum currently is a duo, since J. Savlo joined in 2014, bringing his other guitar and bass and taking part in songwriting. Their stuff may be not exactly "anarchist" but definitely" green", and probably would appeal to the fans of Cascadian BM bands with the similar worldview.

With this album, I've posted everything I planned (if I haven't forgot anything), so I'll focus on cleaning up the blog and resurrecting dead links in the foreseeable future. Stay tuned.

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