Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Nightmare Collective - Misery and Terror Demo (2014)

NIGHTMARE COLLECTIVE - Misery and Terror Demo

Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Crust/d-beat
Country: Canada

Track listing:
  1. Refuse to Relax
  2. Recipe for Madness
  3. Indifferent Society
  4. The Only Escape is a Trap
  5. Sick and Distressed
  6. To Return
Roughly about a year old by this point but I think it fits the vibe so far of this site. Nightmare Collective is a two piece of bass-drums-vocals with the latter duties being traded off throughout the demo. If you like the sound of a crusty bass mixed with d-beats and reverb drenched shouts, you might dig this. NC hail from Montreal which hosts a very active left-wing scene as well as a music scene in general.

Hoping to see more from them in the future! A proper release definitely needs to be put out.

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