Thursday, January 22, 2015

V/A - "The Death Of A Modernist: Ritual vol.1" (2014)

V/A "The Death Of A Modernist: Ritual vol.1"

Year: 2014
Genre: (Post-)Black Metal
Country: various

Track List:
  1. Abaton - Metamorphosis
  2. Ancst - Entropie
  3. CAPA - Chains And Garlands
  4. Cara Neir - Glorious Genocide
  5. Cicada The Burrower - What The Thunder Said
  6. Deber - Midsummer
  7. Deuil - Deny .​.​.
  8. Dust Sculptures - Lies The Youngest Mountain
  9. Emrevoid - Hic Et Nunc
  10. Fyrnask - Saltrian
  11. Halcyon - Gulls
  12. Heathens - Morning
  13. Heron - Venus Swallowing Torments
  14. Hexis - Exanimis
  15. Imperial Triumphant - Gomorrah
  16. Implore - Thorns Ov Devotion (Black Svn)
  17. Kastchei - Days Of Iron
  18. Lesser Life - Cursed Under Cloud And Sky
  19. Misþyrming - Söngur heiftar
  20. Morphinist - Disgusting And Intense
  21. O - Di Vita E Altri Veleni
  22. Recluse - Psychosis
  23. Rorcal - II
  24. Sedna - Sons Of Isolation
  25. Sept of Memnon - Amongst Fire We Remain
  26. Sorrow Plagues - Drown In Silenc
  27. Torture Chamber - Defiling The Throne
  28. UNRU - Die Welt In Der Wir Sterben
  29. Viscera/// - Versus
  30. Vukari - En To Pan
  31. Wildernessking - Reveal (Nightfall)
  32. Xenotaph - Vitae Iactura
One more compilation, this time not particularly anti-NSBM, yet featuring a lot of RABM-friendly bands that were posted or at least mentioned on my blog before. "The Death Of A Modernist" is a South Africa-based collective blog founded roughly an year ago, which strives to showcase underground music of various genres (mostly punk and its derivatives) and from global scenes. This is their first BM compilation, and it's fairly interesting. Hopefully that'd be enough for this week, as I probably won't be able to post anything more until the end of this month at least... (however, we have one more new author in the blog, so I hope he'll help.) Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

V/A - "Resistance: Anti-NSBM compilation vol.1" (2015)

V/A "Resistance: Anti-NSBM compilation vol.1"

Year: 2015
Genre: Blackened Crust, Blackened Punk, HNW
Country: various

Track List:
  1. Nihilist Waves - Where is the Unity
  2. Absolutist - Pain
  3. Ruinas - Iconoclastas
  4. Void Forger - Raise The Curtain (Jerry's Kids)
  5. Døde Rotter - Жоом
  6. Mácula - Seguindo o Coração
  7. Iskra - Cursed Realms of the Winter Demons
  8. Aurea - VI
  9. Human Host Body - Sankcije
  10. G.U.O.R. - Quante volte...
  11. Social Horror - Caracas
  12. N.I.S. - Parassiti
  13. Heädshöt - Slaves
  14. Eternal Noire Doom - Dust
  15. Norn - Ég hata Ísland
  16. Kalashnikov - Vampirizzati oggi

As promised a few days before, the first part of an anti-NSBM compilation made by our comrades in The Dark Skies Above Us is here. It's a benefit for Anarchist Black Cross Greece, all the money will go to Nikos Romanos. While this compilation was in the works, ~60 fascists attacked a CSA in northern Italy, leaving one of the activists in coma. One of the authors of TDSAU is from Italy, and I think some money from this compilation will now go for helping the attacked as well.

The volume II is expected to come out next month, most likely on February 14th. It's going to feature mostly (post-)black metal, while this one includes mostly blackened crust, hardcore/punk, and noise. I was a bit suprised to see Kalashnikov on there, as their style differs too much from the other bands on this sampler, but nevertheless they're a very good band.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Frostland Tales - "Konec" (2015)


Year: 2015
Genre: "Melancholic Monotonous Black Metal" (self-described)
Country: Czech Republic

Track List:
  1. Bezmocný, bezcenný, bez života (Hopeless, Priceless, Lifeless)
  2. Cesty života (Paths of Life)
  3. Sny o jiné existenci (Dreams of Another Existence)
  4. Snění (Dreaming - Trist cover)

Finally, a first full-length release from Frostland Tales, which title ironically means "The End". It features two re-recorded tracks from the first demo (the first, which is a new version of "Don't Want to Live Anymore", and the second), one new track, and a cover version of a song from the Trist/Korium split. Total playing time is 39:40 (394 is the serial number of a guitar used in recording this album).

There are some vocals, which were recorded in a forest, for a "natural reverb". To be honest, vocals are the least appealing part of this album for me, fortunately there's not much of them. The sound and musicianship in general remains quite raw, demo-quality, but for me it's the main part of this project's appeal. The CD will be available soon as well, with the release note promised to include a mention of my blog.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hellcrawler & Wölfe - "The End Of Humanity" (2014)

HELLCRAWLER / WOLFE "The End Of Humanity"

Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Crust/Grind/Hardcore
Country: Slovenia / Australia

Track List:


  1. Zombie Crawlers
  2. Overthrown Paradise
  3. Green Machine (Kyuss cover)
  1. VIII
  2. IX
  3. X
  4. XI

A new split EP, featuring two bands that already were featured on my blog a few times. Link found here, and I think I'd just take the description from there too: "Hellcrawler's music is based on swedish death metal mixed with a lot of crust/hardcore elements. Wölfe are more chaotic compared to the Slovenians, with more thrashy riffing, with raw and rough production and screaming vokills!"
That'll be enough for today, but lot of more new stuff is on the way - including a big anti-NSBM compilation made by our comrades-in-arms, TDSAU.

Ekranoplan - demo (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Sludge/Grind/Hardcore
Country: Germany

Track List:
  1. Broken Future
  2. Stop Asking
  3. Graues Gesicht
  4. Pressure
  5. Manchmal

At least one of the members of this band is a frequent reader of my blog, and comments under my entries from time to time, so naturally I became curious about the music they're playing. I must say their demo didn't disappoint me. Although it isn't black metal, there's certain BM influence in some of these tracks, and their sound is probably enough loud, raw & fuzzy to satisfly the taste of many of my readers.

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Some updates

This logo is definitely one of the best RABM logos I've seen so far. I found it here, it was made around two years ago and licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 - therefore anyone should be free to use it wherever they want, although I don't think the license allows to alter the logo. Anyway, a great find!

More improvements to the blog hopefully are coming soon, although I still don't have much time for it. I hope to resurrect some dead links and update the FAQ in the next few days, but I haven't checked out most of the demos in my inbox yet. However, I have made a couple of interesting discoveries during this week, and I hope to review them tomorrow.

Now we also have a reddit sub! Keep in mind, though, that it was not "mine" (just like the RABM pages on facebook), therefore I'm not responsible for its content. We also have a new attempt of writing a wikipedia article on RABM, although it still lacks reliable sources. Of course I'll try to find time for improving it as well. Unfortunately blogs aren't accepted as reliable sources there (even my blog), but I have some hopes it could pass either as a notable blog directly connected to the subject, or as a self-published source under the terms of WP:ANCITE. Wouldn't count on it too much, though.

And finally, even more good news: I found out that my article about Isabel Magkoeva was approved into the wiki mainspace an year ago. I wrote this article with a lot of help from one of my readers (an English language teacher in South Korea) a couple of years ago, but it was initially rejected by some WP administrator without providing any good reason, so I lost any interest for it. Looks like another admin was reviewing the rejected submissions, and noticed that the reason for rejecting my article was invalid. Anyway, I'm happy it turned out well in the end; moreover, I made no mistake writing an article about someone whose position didn't disappoint me during the last year (unlike so many others...)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Deuszebul - "Mantra Invertido" (2014)

DEUSZEBUL "Mantra Invertido"

Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Crust/Grindcore
Country: Brazil

Track List:
  1. Besta
  2. Negação
  3. Portador do fim

A very short demo (under 3 minutes long) made by RABM supporters from Natal (northeastern Brazil). Pretty intense stuff, somewhat reminding me of early Iskra. A debut album is expected to be out in the first months of this year.

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That's all for now, although I still have quite a few unreviewed demos in my inbox. Most of them either came without much additional information, or there are other reason why I'd like to consult the other authors of this blog before posting them. Well, let's see what Preston, Hayduke and the rest of my co-editors have for a review. As for me, I'd rather answer my mail, resurrect dead links and make cosmetic improvements to the blog's design while I still have free time. My mood right now isn't particularly good for writing reviews, and considering that I even have doubts if should continue doing it, it's definitely a suitable time to take a break.

Answering the comments that say I should stay strong to do the much needed work: yes, I really appreciate that my work isn't in vain, and understand that radical work must be hard by definition. But speaking against a clearly defined enemy is one thing, and losing faith in a lot of those whom I once considered my allies - is another. Either way, this blog will continue to live on, hopefully with the help of my co-editors. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about gnwp.ru, an excellent music portal which got shut down about a month ago due to lack of funds for hosting (~190$). Their webmoney (WMZ) account is Z352456151349, but it looks like the have no paypal account :(

Govor - The Millenarianism Pack

A Croatian project which you already are familiar with, and which has a quite elaborate theoretical base behind the music, is back with a new release - which is a pack consisting of a 7 minutes-long track (a "symphonic poem"), a MIDI file, guitar tab, and a score for it, and a PDF essay on the topic of millenarianism (a term uniting all ideas about the end of the world). It's 25 pages long, and I have to admit I've read it only very superficially so far, but I definitely will look more closely into it (and his earlier essay) a bit later. The whole pack is freely available under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Hateful Heirloom - demo (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Harsh Noise
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Night Nausea
  2. Mondo Medicale
  3. In Silence There is No Peace
  4. A Warm, Secluded Haven

"Hateful Heirloom is a noise/harsh noise wall project revolving around visceral invocation. An outlet for misery and pain. A commentary on the society we live in. A voice when one can't explain with merely words"

Hateful Heirloom is a HNW project from Detroit which is centered around themes of depression/mental health, viewed from the left wing perspective. Its founder is a longtime follower of the RABM movement, and he's fed up with the standard harsh noise/PE and its usual themes (sexual violence, serial killers etc.) This 4-track demo is meant to showcase his current and upcoming work. He also has two supporting tracks from future releases that probably will come out soon, along with more detailed description of his views and what he aims to accomplish with his music. Currently all the tracks are for sale on bandcamp, but it's entirely possible to get it for free, if anyone is interested. UPD: here's the link -


P.S. A new addition in the "Links" section - a Spanish blog with a sizable collection of noise, grindcore and experimental music, a lot of which is very good politically as well. The author of the blog is a left-winger too, in addition to being a noise/punk/grind scene enthusiast. According to his blog, the noise/experimental scene in Spain is very small, which makes him envious countries like Germany or Russia. Well, he's probably right about Germany, but here the noise scene isn't that big, I think... and Spain may not have a big noise/industrial scene, but Spanish oi!/streetpunk and neocrust is well renowned. He also has another blog with pretty much the same kind of music, but I'm a bit reluctant to add it to my links list, mostly because I've seen some right wing stuff there (such as Aelia Capitolina). We'll settle this issue with him pretty soon, hopefully.

Batsheva - s/t (2014)

BATSHEVA "Batsheva"

Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Of Night
  2. Batsheva the Unholy, the Destroyer, & the Highest
  3. Moon Eyes
  4. The Final Coming of the Witch-Queen, with Sorcery and War Emanations
  5. God in Heaven
  6. The Conquest of the Witch-Queen

Batsheva is an one-man project from Philadelphia, which released the first full-length album not so long ago. It's decidedly black metal, but it has a variety of influences, in particular funeral doom and symphonic black metal. Of course, Batsheva supports RABM (given that NSBM has for too long dominated the scene), and appreciate a lot of bands that were posted on my blog. Their lyrics are described as "dealing with socially progressive views through the lens of dark, mythological epics":

"Our ideology is usually filtered through the lens of dark, mythological, and epic lyrics that portray a strong opposition to the powers that be, but most especially those who poison our Earth and reiterate and enforce beliefs that place others as lesser. Regardless of its portrayal through fictional contexts (such as the apocalyptic return of a Witch-Queen), it is our ideology nonetheless...

Over the last month, I recorded this album on a pretty limited setup: in my living room with an acoustic guitar and a bass I borrowed from a friend, using software to round it out and fill in everything else. I think the end result, considering, isn't too shabby"

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Evig Hat - "Henrettet" (2014)

EVIG HAT "Henrettet"

Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Norway

Track List:
  1. De Siste Tanker
  2. Renneløkkens Fall
  3. Galgemarsj
  4. Henrettet
  5. Falløksens Klagesang

Some more classic BM for you, this time of Norwegian variety. Evig Hat are from Stavanger, and here's their latest EP titled "Henrettet". Although the main theme of this release is death and suffering, the founding member of the project is sympathetic towards revolutionary anarchism, and therefore thinks his band would suit my blog pretty well.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Ierru - "Contos de Foghile" (2014)

IERRU "Contos de Foghile"

Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Italy

Track List:
  1. S'Arvèschida
  2. Note e Nèula
  3. Su Dimòniu de su Sonnu
  4. Ierru
  5. Sa Buca de s'Inferru
  6. Su Foghile
  7. Cussu chi Depet Èssere Fatu
  8. Sas Ecos de sas Grutas
  9. Sa Sùrbile
  10. S'Istradone de sa Paza
  11. Su Vèsperu

Ierru ("Winter") are a band from Sardinia, and here's their 2014 full-length titled "Contos de Foghile" ("Fireside Tales"). It's black metal, nothing particularly unusual in terms of sound, but what's interesting about this album is that all the lyrics are in Sardinian language. They mostly are about Sardinian culture (history, legends, myths...), and aren't political, but the band itself is against NSBM, and they think they'll fit well in my blog.

Track names in English:
  1. The Dawn
  2. Night and Fog
  3. The Demon of Sleep
  4. Winter
  5. The Hellmouth
  6. Fireside
  7. What Must Be Done
  8. The Echo Caves
  9. The Vampire
  10. The Highway Straw
  11. The Sunset
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Godhole - s/t (2014)

GODHOLE "Godhole"

Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Crust/Powerviolence (Side A); Industrial Noise/Ambient (Side B)
Country: UK

Track List:
  1. Glorious Rotten
  2. Emerald Youngster
  3. Atrocious Forgotten
  4. Diamond Scar
  5. Eternal Poisonous
  6. Ruby Bizarre
  7. Never Healing Gold

I continue checking out what I've received in my mail during the last few weeks, and here's an interesting release from an Edinburgh-based trio Godhole. It consists of two sides, each side featuring the same songs, but they sound nothing alike each other. While the side A is blackened crust/PV, side B is much more experimental and noisy, and I think I liked the noise versions of these songs even more than the original ones.

"The EP is a concept created by front man, Jamie Christ. The song titles are a deconstructed verse which was one of the last things written by his younger brother before he took his own life. Each song title is then taken as an idea to create lyrics about his brothers death, some from his own and some from his brothers perspective..."


Friday, January 2, 2015

Fuego Negro - s/t (2014)

FUEGO NEGRO "Fuego Negro"

Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal, Blackened Punk
Country: Chile

Track List:
  1. Hacia La Nada Creadora
  2. Poeta Perro
  3. Fuego Negro
  4. Renacer
  5. El Kuero Vive
  6. Santa Maria Goretti
  7. Olvida El Maldito Nombre
  8. Las Sin Nombre

Fuego Negro ("Black Flame", if my very limited knowledge of Spanish doesn't deceive me) are a band from Interior de la Quinta Region in Chile, and here's their debut album. They didn't provide me with much information, so I can say only that it's recorded DIY in collaboration with Diskordia Recs. in Valparaiso squat. It's an interesting release which definitely has that Latin American "old school" BM feel to it, but the recitation-type vocals in some tracks may seem a bit strange (but as far as I understand, they consider their lyrics as poetry, hence this vocal style).

Tarsius Tarsier - “Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos” (2014)

TARSIUS TARSIER “Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos”

Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Crust, Neocrust
Country: Spain

Track List:
  1. El Desprecio
  2. Garganta y Bengala
  3. Tara
  4. Ciénaga
  5. Espuela
  6. Mataviudas
  7. Una Chica Cortada en Dos
  8. El Ruido de Morir

"The history of the band is the same as that of many others: All of us have played (or we’re playing) in bands as Knowledge is a Weapon, Trecedeluno, Muerdelágrimas, Lösung or Forzuda. Two years ago, we gathered with the idea of play fast, dark and intense music… and Tarsius Tarsier was born. Although we didn’t look for the sound of a particular band, we love From Ashes Rise, Ekkaia, Disfear, Converge, Orchid or His Hero is Gone, to name just a few...

...We recorded it a few months ago in Kollapse studio (Madrid) with Iván (Khmer, Ictus) as producer. The Japanese label Longleslongarms (http://longlegslongarms.jp/) has brought it out. We’re so excited with the result!"

"Recorded mixed and mastered by Iván Ferro at Kollapse Stvdio (Madrid, Spain) in November 2013.
Released by:

192-0363 Bessho 1-17-2 103
Akihito Mizutani, Yasukazu Hirata"


Dead Architect - "JFK-LHR" (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Grindcore
Country: Australia

Track List:
  1. The Narrows
  2. Madman Diaries
  3. Anchored to a Black Cloud
  4. Nowhere to Nothing
  5. The Whore and The God
  6. First to Burn
  7. Palm Burner
  8. Patriots

"We are Dead Architect. Inverted crosses and d-beats.
HM-2. No Bass. Skulls.

DA are a DIY collective responsible for writing, recording, mixing. mastering and artwork.

We would like our music to be on your site as we believe in DIY scene, protecting nature and defying the current political system"

While the sound on this release is more grindcore than anything else, there's a certain BM influence as well (especially on the last track). Not bad at all!

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Narcthrone - "NO PASARÁN" (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Crust/Sludge
Country: Canada

Track List:
  1. Wasteland Rat
  2. Pillage the Fortress

Narcthrone is a project made for fun by Preston (Anti-Freeze) and another guy who's a part of the Windsor-based hardcore/grind band Corrupt Leaders and the now defunct blackened crust band Valerie Page. Of course Preston could post it by himself, but he left it to me, because he doesn't like the idea of self-promotion. Enjoy!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Deadtrack - "Helltape" (2014)

DEADTRACK "Helltape"

Year: 2014
Genre: Raw Metallic Crust
Country: Brazil

Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Dirt
  3. Slave to Itself
  4. Born Convicted
  5. Blank, extinction
  6. Gutter

Deadtrack is a solo project of Luis from Brazil, who recorded this short and raw demo by himself between August & October 2014. He supports the idea of RABM, DIY ethics, and generally the kind of bands that are on my blog. There's not much more to say about his debut, except that the main idea of it was to sound dirty, raw, loud and heavy.