Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some updates

This logo is definitely one of the best RABM logos I've seen so far. I found it here, it was made around two years ago and licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 - therefore anyone should be free to use it wherever they want, although I don't think the license allows to alter the logo. Anyway, a great find!

More improvements to the blog hopefully are coming soon, although I still don't have much time for it. I hope to resurrect some dead links and update the FAQ in the next few days, but I haven't checked out most of the demos in my inbox yet. However, I have made a couple of interesting discoveries during this week, and I hope to review them tomorrow.

Now we also have a reddit sub! Keep in mind, though, that it was not "mine" (just like the RABM pages on facebook), therefore I'm not responsible for its content. We also have a new attempt of writing a wikipedia article on RABM, although it still lacks reliable sources. Of course I'll try to find time for improving it as well. Unfortunately blogs aren't accepted as reliable sources there (even my blog), but I have some hopes it could pass either as a notable blog directly connected to the subject, or as a self-published source under the terms of WP:ANCITE. Wouldn't count on it too much, though.

And finally, even more good news: I found out that my article about Isabel Magkoeva was approved into the wiki mainspace an year ago. I wrote this article with a lot of help from one of my readers (an English language teacher in South Korea) a couple of years ago, but it was initially rejected by some WP administrator without providing any good reason, so I lost any interest for it. Looks like another admin was reviewing the rejected submissions, and noticed that the reason for rejecting my article was invalid. Anyway, I'm happy it turned out well in the end; moreover, I made no mistake writing an article about someone whose position didn't disappoint me during the last year (unlike so many others...)

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