Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Deuszebul - "Mantra Invertido" (2014)

DEUSZEBUL "Mantra Invertido"

Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Crust/Grindcore
Country: Brazil

Track List:
  1. Besta
  2. Negação
  3. Portador do fim

A very short demo (under 3 minutes long) made by RABM supporters from Natal (northeastern Brazil). Pretty intense stuff, somewhat reminding me of early Iskra. A debut album is expected to be out in the first months of this year.

facebook / bandcamp

That's all for now, although I still have quite a few unreviewed demos in my inbox. Most of them either came without much additional information, or there are other reason why I'd like to consult the other authors of this blog before posting them. Well, let's see what Preston, Hayduke and the rest of my co-editors have for a review. As for me, I'd rather answer my mail, resurrect dead links and make cosmetic improvements to the blog's design while I still have free time. My mood right now isn't particularly good for writing reviews, and considering that I even have doubts if should continue doing it, it's definitely a suitable time to take a break.

Answering the comments that say I should stay strong to do the much needed work: yes, I really appreciate that my work isn't in vain, and understand that radical work must be hard by definition. But speaking against a clearly defined enemy is one thing, and losing faith in a lot of those whom I once considered my allies - is another. Either way, this blog will continue to live on, hopefully with the help of my co-editors. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about, an excellent music portal which got shut down about a month ago due to lack of funds for hosting (~190$). Their webmoney (WMZ) account is Z352456151349, but it looks like the have no paypal account :(

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