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Ierru - "Contos de Foghile" (2014)

IERRU "Contos de Foghile"

Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Italy

Track List:
  1. S'Arvèschida
  2. Note e Nèula
  3. Su Dimòniu de su Sonnu
  4. Ierru
  5. Sa Buca de s'Inferru
  6. Su Foghile
  7. Cussu chi Depet Èssere Fatu
  8. Sas Ecos de sas Grutas
  9. Sa Sùrbile
  10. S'Istradone de sa Paza
  11. Su Vèsperu

Ierru ("Winter") are a band from Sardinia, and here's their 2014 full-length titled "Contos de Foghile" ("Fireside Tales"). It's black metal, nothing particularly unusual in terms of sound, but what's interesting about this album is that all the lyrics are in Sardinian language. They mostly are about Sardinian culture (history, legends, myths...), and aren't political, but the band itself is against NSBM, and they think they'll fit well in my blog.

Track names in English:
  1. The Dawn
  2. Night and Fog
  3. The Demon of Sleep
  4. Winter
  5. The Hellmouth
  6. Fireside
  7. What Must Be Done
  8. The Echo Caves
  9. The Vampire
  10. The Highway Straw
  11. The Sunset
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