Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hateful Heirloom - demo (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Harsh Noise
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Night Nausea
  2. Mondo Medicale
  3. In Silence There is No Peace
  4. A Warm, Secluded Haven

"Hateful Heirloom is a noise/harsh noise wall project revolving around visceral invocation. An outlet for misery and pain. A commentary on the society we live in. A voice when one can't explain with merely words"

Hateful Heirloom is a HNW project from Detroit which is centered around themes of depression/mental health, viewed from the left wing perspective. Its founder is a longtime follower of the RABM movement, and he's fed up with the standard harsh noise/PE and its usual themes (sexual violence, serial killers etc.) This 4-track demo is meant to showcase his current and upcoming work. He also has two supporting tracks from future releases that probably will come out soon, along with more detailed description of his views and what he aims to accomplish with his music. Currently all the tracks are for sale on bandcamp, but it's entirely possible to get it for free, if anyone is interested. UPD: here's the link -


P.S. A new addition in the "Links" section - a Spanish blog with a sizable collection of noise, grindcore and experimental music, a lot of which is very good politically as well. The author of the blog is a left-winger too, in addition to being a noise/punk/grind scene enthusiast. According to his blog, the noise/experimental scene in Spain is very small, which makes him envious countries like Germany or Russia. Well, he's probably right about Germany, but here the noise scene isn't that big, I think... and Spain may not have a big noise/industrial scene, but Spanish oi!/streetpunk and neocrust is well renowned. He also has another blog with pretty much the same kind of music, but I'm a bit reluctant to add it to my links list, mostly because I've seen some right wing stuff there (such as Aelia Capitolina). We'll settle this issue with him pretty soon, hopefully.

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