Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Batsheva - s/t (2014)

BATSHEVA "Batsheva"

Year: 2014
Genre: Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Of Night
  2. Batsheva the Unholy, the Destroyer, & the Highest
  3. Moon Eyes
  4. The Final Coming of the Witch-Queen, with Sorcery and War Emanations
  5. God in Heaven
  6. The Conquest of the Witch-Queen

Batsheva is an one-man project from Philadelphia, which released the first full-length album not so long ago. It's decidedly black metal, but it has a variety of influences, in particular funeral doom and symphonic black metal. Of course, Batsheva supports RABM (given that NSBM has for too long dominated the scene), and appreciate a lot of bands that were posted on my blog. Their lyrics are described as "dealing with socially progressive views through the lens of dark, mythological epics":

"Our ideology is usually filtered through the lens of dark, mythological, and epic lyrics that portray a strong opposition to the powers that be, but most especially those who poison our Earth and reiterate and enforce beliefs that place others as lesser. Regardless of its portrayal through fictional contexts (such as the apocalyptic return of a Witch-Queen), it is our ideology nonetheless...

Over the last month, I recorded this album on a pretty limited setup: in my living room with an acoustic guitar and a bass I borrowed from a friend, using software to round it out and fill in everything else. I think the end result, considering, isn't too shabby"

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