Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Solbrud - s/t (2012)

SOLBRUD "Solbrud"

Year: 2012
Atmospheric Black/Death Metal

Track List:

  1. Bortgang
  2. Øde Lagt
  3. Dødemandsbjerget
  4. Skyggeriget
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Solbrud are a band from Denmark, rooted in the leftist/anarchist movement of Copenhagen centered in the new youth house (Ungdomshuset) where they rehearse, help arrange shows and so on (though they're not a directly political band in terms of lyrical messages). It's their debut full-length album, that's available for free @ bandcamp, as well as self-released gatefold vinyl limited to 500 copies, and as digipack CD released by Euphonious Records/VME.

You can read a detailed review of it here, but I must add that I can't fully agree with comparing Solbrud to WITTR - while they're definitely influenced by WITTR, I think their music is primarily rooted in the Scandinavian scene. Overall, their music may be somewhat unoriginal, but quite decent for a debut. Looks like Danish metal scene isn't very big when compared to those of Sweden, Norway and Finland, but now we have a band from there that isn't only worth attention, but also shares our beliefs.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Crutch - s/t demo (2012)

CRUTCH "Crutch"

Year: 2012

Track List:

  1. Home / Fuck This Town
  2. Trench
  3. Choke
  4. Contempt
  5. Last Laugh
  6. Faith
  7. Untitled
  8. Nothing

Dark hardcore from Armhurst, MA, with angry and misanthropic lyrics. While I'm now trying to avoid posting regular hardcore/punk here (there are already enough blogs for that), this band supports my blog and I think their demo (which will be soon released on tape by the Exquisite Morbidity label out of California) will fit well in line with the Astenix' demo.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Astenix - "Стимул Задохнуться" (2012)

ASTENIX "Стимул Задохнуться"

Year: 2012
Dark Hardcore, Neocrust

Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Увидеть мир другим
  3. Главный враг
  4. Стимул задохнуться
  5. Вонзая нож в живое сердце
  6. Своей головой
  7. Степень свободы
  8. Доза негатива
  9. Один из них
  10. Outro

  • Valeria "Defiance" - vocals
  • XSashaX - guitar
  • Sergey "Sheff" - bass
  • Dmitry "Pilych" - drums
This album is currently one of the most high ranked new releases on gnwp.ru, so I thought I should share it with you (despite it being obviously more 'hardcore' than 'metal'). Astenix are a female-fronted dark hardcore/neocrust band from Penza, formed in 2009. Despite being a relatively small city, Penza already is a home for several good projects (including La Vida Cuesta Libertades). However, it's always refreshing to see a new (neo)crust band that's not from Moscow or SPb.

It's their debut full-length album, recorded during 2010-2012. So far it's gathering mostly very positive reviews, but I personally can't call it perfect. First off, it sounds somewhat generic and not much different from most other dark hardcore bands (but still quite decent for an young band from provincial Russia). Second, if we compare the vocal work on this album, and Hiroshima45's demo, I prefer the latter. Anyway, Astenix are a promising band with worthwhile ideology, so I think I'm doing the right thing by posting this album here.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Marnost & Seeds In Barren Fields - split (2011)


Year: 2012
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Blackened Death Metal
Country: Czech Republic / Sweden

Track List:
  1. MARNOST - Svůdcové lidstva
  2. SEEDS IN BARREN FIELDS - Beneath the somber halls

Finally, I'm posting the last release in my queue of "releases that are long overdue to be posted". Now it's only left to check out the newest album by Prison of Mirrors, and I'll be done with that. As for this split - I think both bands need no introduction. Awesome bands, awesome split, recommended for everyone who waited for any new stuff from Marnost.

Doppelgänger of Death - s/t (2012)

DOPPELGÄNGER OF DEATH "Doppelgänger of Death"

Year: 2012
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: Czech Republic

Track List:
  1. Darkness
  2. Rain Of Death
  3. End Of The Human Race
  4. Nothingness

Doppelgänger of Death are a duo from Czech Republic, featuring members of Blood In Our Wells, Poltergeist, and Tomorrow’s Hell. This is their first EP, which is distributed for free. However, donations via bandcamp are welcome - the collected money will be used for benefit purposes (see more on their bandcamp page).

Black Vulture - "Ele" (2012)


Year: 2012
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: Brazil

Track List:
  1. Isaías
  2. O quarto dia da peste
  3. O que eu fiz com teu reino
  4. Ímpar
  5. Ruína
  6. Wishful thinking
  7. Outono Surrado

 Black Vulture are a 3-piece band from Rio de Janeiro whose music has been labeled "psychedelic black metal". According to the members, Black Vulture are a quite long-standing band (formed in 1998), and they love my blog. They also have a crossover thrash metal side project called Rocha, whose debut album is expected to be released this weekend. As for "Ele", it's recommended to anyone who's into raw Latin American BM in general.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Non Serviam - s/t (2011)

NON SERVIAM "Non Serviam"

Year: 2011
Genre: Black Metal, Blackened Punk
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Non Serviam - The Sight of Her Kin
  2. Relics
  3. Passage
  4. The Sacking
  5. Born Under Red Stars
  6. Amongst Skeletal Trees
  7. Across Sun Bleached Plains
  8. Mountains of Eternal Sleep

Another interesting release which I forgot to post in time (it was sent to me in late February)... but better late than never:

"Our lyrics aren't overtly political (one concept about a demon bastard going through life, another about isolated cave people discovering civilization long lost to them and ransacking it) - but we all do very much identify as punks, are socialist or anarchists, 3 of us are vegetarians, and so forth. We play some kind of black metal or another, when we originally formed we got together to make something sounding like Wolves in the Throne room - but I'm now really happy that we don't really sound anything like that..."

Thyrkron - "Descendente Arcanjo Gabriel" (2012)

THYRKRON "Descendente Arcanjo Gabriel"

Year: 2012
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Brazil


"The lyrics deal with the rebirth of the world through an allegory of god's murder by his right hand archangel: Gabriel. I'm sending you this because we heavily believe in an extremely anti-authoritarian/libertarian social system and even though this release only focus on anti-religion our next one will deal with the murder of human authority over nature and other people instead of god's murder. Even though I'm not that fond of these kind of tags we could be called eco-anarchists I guess. Well, I'm not gonna hide behind our shitty production because I still believe these songs are good with or without the right production/recording tools"

Well, it isn't shitty, not at all. The release consists of 6 untitled tracks, and while it's indeed not perfect (and somewhat monotonous at times), it's quite good for a debut. Sorry for taking too long to post it (it was released in February and sent to me 3 months ago).

Swarms - "All The Worthless Fields Of The Earth" (2012)

SWARMS "All The Worthless Fields Of The Earth"

Year: 2012
Genre: Post-Black Metal
Country: Canada

Track List:
  1. Clawing the Fields of Famine
  2. To Avail The Sovereign Void
  3. Artemis By the Mount
  4. Battlefields
  5. When the Earth Swallows the Blood of Young Men
  6. Horseflesh
  7. Forever Flay the Body
  8. A Monument Which Will Endure Until the Sun Grows Cold

First off, now you can follow my blog via Facebook - just follow this page. Second, I checked the private messages for that page (which I don't usually do, because it's run by other people, and I'm only a honorary co-moderator of it), and found a message from a Guelph-based duo called Swarms: "I can't say as any of my lyrics specifically pertain towards anarchism- but my own views are definitely in line with that and I'm sympathetic towards all efforts and causes along these lines. if you could spare the time for a review, we'd greatly appreciate it..."

Well, from my impression it's rather a collection of demos (different in sound and quality of production) than a solid album, but nevertheless it's worth checking out. You can skip the first track, though (it's a rather lengthy intro).