Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thyrkron - "Descendente Arcanjo Gabriel" (2012)

THYRKRON "Descendente Arcanjo Gabriel"

Year: 2012
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Brazil


"The lyrics deal with the rebirth of the world through an allegory of god's murder by his right hand archangel: Gabriel. I'm sending you this because we heavily believe in an extremely anti-authoritarian/libertarian social system and even though this release only focus on anti-religion our next one will deal with the murder of human authority over nature and other people instead of god's murder. Even though I'm not that fond of these kind of tags we could be called eco-anarchists I guess. Well, I'm not gonna hide behind our shitty production because I still believe these songs are good with or without the right production/recording tools"

Well, it isn't shitty, not at all. The release consists of 6 untitled tracks, and while it's indeed not perfect (and somewhat monotonous at times), it's quite good for a debut. Sorry for taking too long to post it (it was released in February and sent to me 3 months ago).

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