Monday, July 2, 2012

Black Vulture - "Ele" (2012)


Year: 2012
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: Brazil

Track List:
  1. Isaías
  2. O quarto dia da peste
  3. O que eu fiz com teu reino
  4. Ímpar
  5. Ruína
  6. Wishful thinking
  7. Outono Surrado

 Black Vulture are a 3-piece band from Rio de Janeiro whose music has been labeled "psychedelic black metal". According to the members, Black Vulture are a quite long-standing band (formed in 1998), and they love my blog. They also have a crossover thrash metal side project called Rocha, whose debut album is expected to be released this weekend. As for "Ele", it's recommended to anyone who's into raw Latin American BM in general.

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