Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blood In Our Wells - demo (2009)


Year: 2009
Genre: Blackened Crust, Crust Metal
Country: Czech Republic

Track List:
  1. Studny
  2. 65
  3. Pud Sebezáchovy

Yes, I haven't planned to post anything this week. But right now I've nothing else to do, and I don't know if I'd have enough free time in the 2nd half of this month, so now I'll try to post as much albums as possible.

A link to this demo was posted somewhere in the comments to my blog about a month ago, but I completely forgot about it. I'm sorry, really :/ According to info I've found, Blood In Our Wells is a new Czech blackened crust band featuring members of an anarcho-crustcore act Mass Genocide Process, and some other bands (Tomorrow’s Hell, Your Choice, Abu Ghraib, Kruh). They're antifascists and vegetarians, and some of them are anarchists. I wouldn't call their music "blackened crust", but rather just "crust metal" - since there are much more influences of melodic death and even doom metal, than BM. The quality of production is very good for a first demo, too bad it's so short.

There are also an atmospheric black metal band called Kruh consisting of  the same people who are in Blood In Our Wells and Mass Genocide Process. Unfortunately I haven't found their album anywhere, but at least one song "Zima" ("Winter") is pretty good.


  1. yeah! this is fucking great, i didn't expect it to be as good as it is, thanks mr BK