Saturday, January 2, 2010

Timebomb & Redemption - split (1999)

(sorry, no cover image available yet)


Year: 1999
Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore
Country: Italy

Track List:


  1. Truth Denied
  2. Deep
  3. Damnation


  1. The Song Of Dreams
  2. The Song Of Oz
  3. The Song Of Ghosts And Warriors


Here comes one more release from a mysterious Italian band who were one of the first to mix anarchist sXe hardcore/metalcore with symphonic black metal. These 3 tracks by Timebomb appeared earlier on "Hymns For A Decaying Empire", but this split features newer versions of them, and it's much more heavy. If you like "Full Wrath Of The Slave" (the best album by Timebomb so far), you'll definitely like these tracks.

Redemption's side of the split is interesting too. Though the songs' names are ridiculous, they feature a very special approach to hardcore (and some female vocals as well).

There is very little further info on both these bands (I even haven't found any photos of them). Some mentions of Timebomb can be found here, though. And this split is very rare too, so I doubt if you can find it anywhere else. Don't know if I should post their LP "The Beat Is Here Fellas" (2001), since it's much more rock than hardcore or metal... but at least it's a good release too.


  1. PLEASE POST Hymns for a Decaying Empire, it's the only album im missing, thanks, socialist greetings

  2. sorry I meant The Beat Is Here Fellas