Saturday, January 2, 2010

Poreia Sto Perithorio - split w/ Epithanatios Roghos (2005)


Year: 2005
Genre: Hardcore/Crust
Country: Greece

Track List:
  1. Systima aionias ipodoylosis (System of eternal enslavement)
  2. Xoris stigmi na ziseis (Without living a moment)
  3. Adeioi anthropoi (Empty people)
  4. Aytapati (Illusion)
  5. Piso apo ta kagela (Behind the bars)
  6. Poreia sto perithorio (March on the subculture)

It's the 2nd side of Poreia Sto Perithorio / Epithanatios Roghos (or Epithanatios Ronghos - I'm not sure which spelling is correct), which 1st side I've posted not long before. It's not much like blackened crust, but it's fine too. Thanks for some anonymous for posting these tracks!

As for Epithanatios Roghos, they have split up, but a new band called Teleutaios Aionas (The Last Century) has members of them. Last year Epithanatios Roghos played together with Tragedy at the Street Attack squad at Thessaloniki, Greece.


  1. the guitarist of Epithanatios Roghos (or Rohghos, means Death rattle) passed away about a year ago so the band is inactive, they didn't spit they are just inactive, last year they played with Tragedy in Thesaloniki. Last Century includes one of ER members.
    i have the record, cover folds out and becomes poster. this was the first diy vinyl release after a long time in Greece
    btw happy new year

  2. they have not split up,cheers