Saturday, January 2, 2010

20 Minutes De Chaos - compilation (1999-2001)

20 MINUTES DE CHAOS "compilation 1999-2001"

Year: 1999-2001
Genre: Crust Metal
Country: France

Track List:
  1. Achete
  2. Genres Desastreux
  3. Guerre Des Interets
  4. Hiroshima (Dirt cover)
  5. Je Ne Veux Que Ton Bonheur
  6. Le Shadok
  7. Les Mots
  8. Murielle
  9. N.O.M.
  10. Prison
  11. Ronge
  12. Un Monde Parfait
  13. Vivisection

Last known line-up:

Elo & Juli - vocals
Nofun - guitar
Guillaume - bass
Cyrille - drums

20 Minites De Chaos were active through early 1997 to late 2004 (don't know if they're active right now), and they were one of the first (if not the first) French bands to mix crust with various kinds of metal. It's also interesting that they had two female vocalists. According to their official site:

"20 Minutes de Chaos is a band playing kind of crusty-punk-hardcore-metal, call it as you want anyway. It is Do It Yourself for sure. Based in Dijon/France, the band exists under this name since early 1997. 20 Min. de Chaos knew many splits, breaks and line-up changes during this time"

The tracks on this compilation come from two splits, one with Alt TC (1999), and another with Execradores (2001). They also had a split with See You In Hell, but it features all the same tracks. Don't expect their sound to be very metallic - it was recorded in late 1990's-early 2000s, when metallic crust wasn't too widespread. Anyway, it's a very good compilation to anyone who likes female fronted crust and metal.


  1. Alt TC was maybe one of the best musically and lyrically bands of greece.awesome anarchist punkcore...if you want their side tell me of this lp draw a line

  2. also check their page(a little bit old)

  3. Get their side of the split here:

  4. hi, official page ->

  5. Yes, I'll appreciate the links to any kinds of good music. Thank you for the upload!

  6. Hey, 20 minutes de chaos are friends to me and they are not disbanded! Hopefully a new and first full-lenght will be out this year.

    About The Austrasian Goat, check his last ep "Witch", it's a record on the topics of witchery and women emanciapation. A nice stuff, one of my fave records for 2009!

    I've got the Arcane XVII // Dead Mucians split cd-r. I'll upload this for you one of these days.
    Take care

  7. Hello, I'm Cyrille of 20 min of chaos, I discovered your blog and is very good. Thanks, 20 min of chaos have 10 new piece of music. And we prepare a new album, maybe this year. We play in october in Dijon, and another concert in Saint-Etienne. Thanks and by.

  8. Hi Cyrille! That's really good news, thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. Hello Black Kronstadt,

    Your blog is very cool, you know i'm a fan of crust death black and grind core. And it's cool to find antifascist metal fans. See later Cyrille.

  10. Hello Black Krondstat,

    We are in studio for a new album, this week. I write directly from the studio, is cool and i think this new album is very good. By and see you later. Cyrille