Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dead And Forgotten - "The Tempest" (2003)


Year: 2003
Genre: Raw Black Metal / DSBM
Country: Italy

Track List:
  1. Flesh Cages
  2. The Wisdom Tree
  3. The Tempest
  4. Beyond The Putrefaction

Thanks to Critical Rupture for this one! (and sorry if I forgot to answer any of your messages...)

Of course, this cassette demo sounds very raw because of DIY recording, but it isn't as bad as I thought it to be. As far as I know, Dead And Forgotten released one more demo in 2002, but it isn't available anywhere. And if you're new to this band, it's better to start listening to them from "Strix sive..."

I have a few more interesting RABM releases for you, but right now I just don't have enough time to write reviews. And I also have to answer some questions for a couple of interviews... so the updates will be rare, unfortunately.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Axidance - live at Black Monday in Moscow (21/03/2011)

Speaking of a gig announced in my previous post: everything was great, and here's a footage of (A)xidanc(E) performing live. I think they're much more impressive on this video than on their studio recordings, and their style is definitely influenced by Panopticon (or maybe Plainwords? both Axidance and Plainwords are playing rather neocrust/dark hardcore than black metal...):

I don't know if there's any video of Kora, but if yes, then I'll post it here too.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Black Monday in Moscow - Fatum, Axidance, Kora, XY, Virulent Mass, Katalonia

BTW, only 12 hours left until the beginning of a first RABM-themed gig in Moscow! Most of participating bands aren't black metal, but it's organized by our RABM community:


I know nothing about Virulent Mass and Katalonia, but looks like they're playing anarcho-punk/hardcore. More info about the event... 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Red & Anarchist Metal video compilation pt.2

Here comes the 2nd part of video compilation made by Red & Anarchist Metalheads of Colombia:

Track List:
  1. Kalmah - "Kill the idealist" (Finland)
  2. Iskra - "Krondstat" (Canada)
  3. Revolted Masses - "Mass media's whore" (Greece)
  4. Book Of Sand - "No flags" (USA)
  5. Heretica - "Iraqi resistance" (Italy)
  6. Terrorist - "Estado brutal" (Argentina)
  7. Lluvia Ácida - "Apatrida" (Chile)
  8. Tisic Let Od Raje - "Moravian karst" (Czech Republic)
  9. 1917 - "Corona de engaños" (Argentina)
  10. 2 Bullet - "Burn their flag" (Japan)
  11. Subvertor - "Hecatombe" (Bolivia)
  12. Red Wine - "Despierta" (Spain)

It's a good compilation, but some of the bands are mislabeled. For example, TLOR are "green", not "red", and I'm not sure of Kalmah should be here. Yes, they have a lot of political lyrics, but it's still unclear to me on which ideological side they are.

And an English translation of the song "Nuestra respuesta permanece" (Legado De Odio), taken from the same source:

P.S. Don't expect a lot of posts here in the future. I decided to concentrate on our other blog and some other projects, and I don't know if I'll have enough free time in the next few months, so here will be probably no more than 4-5 posts per month, or even less... Anyway, stay tuned, and thanks for supporting me all that time! Good to see that my work isn't in vain.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fields Of Fire / Merkaba - "Continuum" (2010)


Year: 2010
Genre: RABM, Atmospheric/Melodic Black Metal
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Continuum
bonus (Fields Of Fire):
  1. Bretton Woods
  2. Static Lingering

I saved the best release for the last... and finally you have a chance to hear one of the most promising new RABM bands! They're called Merkaba, and they're a project of Kentucky-based local branch of Red & Anarchist Action Network. Here's some info about them and their previous project, Fields Of Fire, provided by RAAN:

"Fields of Fire was amazing, mixing Cascadian-inspired black metal with flute and piano but they broke up before ever having a chance to record an album. The two songs in this file are the only ones they ever made that could be considered somewhat finished (they have three demo tracks on Myspace, but the band doesn't like the way they sound)

Merkaba is still really new, but is a three-piece incorporating two of the ex-members of Fields of Fire, from Kentucky (same state as Panopticon). They still play black metal but it is much more experimental now. They are hopefully going to record a full-length sometime early in 2011, but for now their only release is a CDR called Continuum, limited to about 50 hand-folded copies, which features one track that was recorded live for local radio with hand drumming in the beginning... This is the first band we know of to feature RAAN's symbol and link to the website on their album, so it is significant. Their politics are communist and of course RAANista, so they are eco-spiritual and anti-civilization, pro-permaculture etc."

I can confirm that the music is amazing, especially the instrumental track by Fields of Fire. The other track of FoF has some vocals, but (in my opinion) it'd be better without vocals. "Continuum" by Merkaba is also instrumental, and it's much more experimental than the stuff by FoF. Overall, it's a great release, and I can't wait for a five-song full-length album by Merkaba (it's already recorded but not mixed yet; it also will include a cleaner version of the song "Continuum"). Highly recommended to everyone who likes Cascadian black metal scene (and unorthodox black metal in general)!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ramlord - "Stench of Fallacy" (2011)

RAMLORD "Stench Of Fallacy"

Year: 2011
Genre: Blackened Punk / Sludge
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Wolves Of Isolation
  2. Blood Badge (Enslaved by Justice)
  3. Greedkiller (Enslaved by Wealth)
  4. Godcrusher (Enslaved by Indoctrination)
  5. First Breath//Last Breath
  6. Burnt Out
  7. Where the Waves Still Crash
  8. Forgotten
  9. Total Doom

Here comes some more music made by my readers... this time it's blackened punk/crust/sludge from new Hampshire, and it's pretty good for a first demo cassette. I think such kind of music is enjoyable for any USBM fan.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

World Burns To Death - "Totalitarian Sodomy" (2006)

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH "Totalitarian Sodomy"

Year: 2006
Genre: Crust / D-Beat
Country: USA
Label: Hardcore Holocaust Records

Track List:

  1. Back To Zero
  2. Boiling Blood
  3. Sarajevo Snapshot
  4. Those Who Have Come To The End
  5. Triumph Of Evil
  6. A Grim Task Ahead
  7. The Frenzied Hacking Of Swords
  8. All The Young Turks
  9. Pigs Get Fat While The Hogs Get Slaughtered


"Totalitarian Sodomy" is the second LP by WBTD, and I like it more than the debut one - mainly because their sound became much more solid and brutal. But the main lyrical themes stay the same, and the cover art features a combination of military, pseudo-occult, and pornographic imagery once again - but this time it is in color.

World Burns To Death - "Sucking Of The Missile Cock" (2002)

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH "Sucking Of The Missile Cock" (+ "Human Meat ... Tossed to the Dogs of War")

Year: 2002
Genre: Crust / D-Beat
Country: USA
Label: Hardcore Holocaust Records

Track List:

  1. Glorious Butcheries
  2. The Dead Sing This Hymn:
  3. In The Conquests Of Madmen
  4. Death Is Psychosomatic
  5. The Sucking Of The Missile Cock
  6. Whom The Gods Destroy... They First Make Ridiculous
  7. Fall On Your Sword
  8. In The Country Of The Blind... The One-Eyed Man Is King
  9. Wind Of Cruelty
  10. Apparatus
  11. Wretched Sons Of Kursk
  12. Acid in the Face of Human Rights
  13. Terminated With Extreme Prejudice
  14. Destroy This Power, Twist The Knife, Pull The Trigger
  15. World Burns To Death
  16. They Fill Their Graves With Our Bones
  17. In Fear Of Your Bombs
  18. Scheiss Krieg


Of course it's not black metal at all, but it's one of the first bands to gain attention among the members of black metal community, and I won't be surprised of a lot of RABM bands were inspired by WBTD. Just like most black metal bands, World Burns to Death (as well as Severed Head Of State, another band with Jack Control on vocals) mostly sing about deep detestation of both human nature and the Christian belief system, war crimes, religious oppression, militarism, and the consequences thereof. There's a good wikipedia article about WBTD, with their ideology explained in great detail:

"Almost without exception, World Burns to Death's aesthetic preference is for stark black and white imagery: t-shirts, posters, and record covers stick to this formula. These images mirror the lyrical themes of the band, which detail crimes against humanity, religious hypocrisy and religion's effect on society, class oppression, nationalism, and man's general inhumanity to man.

The band's striking logo usually appears written in Hebrew, in the Chaya font. The Hebrew wording might appear to be a literal translation of the band's name, but it is not. Rather, it is "World Burns to Death" typed out on a standard English computer keyboard with the Chaya font installed. Thus, pressing the "W" key on a standard English computer keyboard would produce the corresponding Hebrew symbol, a tsadi (which looks somewhat like the English letter "y"). The tsadi (sometimes spelled "tzaadi") has become the band's logo. The logo is also noteworthy because the symbol is an inscription commonly used on Israeli army munitions. In addition, the tsadi "Y"-looking symbol is of prime significance in the Kabbalah (the Hebrew metaphysical scripture) identifying "one who fights for the righteous good of mankind". This duality of a cryptic non-language written in an occult alphabet, as well as the deep symbolism, creates an imagery and lexicon that has incited confusion and controversy with those exposed to the aesthetic. The usage of the Chaya lettering lends the band's releases a perhaps unintentional occult look, something that may have helped the band gain popularity among members of the black metal community. Fenriz of Darkthrone cites World Burns to Death as a favorite band, as does Maniac from Mayhem.

World Burns to Death's lyrics focus almost obsessively on war crimes, religious and class oppression, militarism, and, more directly, the consequences thereof. As singer Jack Control noted in an interview, "Murdering the innocent in the name of 'democracy,' destabilizing economies in the name of 'capitalism,' installing brutal dictatorships in the name of 'freedom'" are all terrible injustices and serve to fill the lyrical coffers of World Burns to Death.

The band's lyric sheets contain references to, or quotes from, writer William Shakespeare, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, individualist anarchist Max Stirner, leftist writers Susan Sontag and Herbert Marcuse, political prisoner Stephen Biko, and others... Although the imagery of death camps, gulags, and scenes of genocide appear often (in artwork and lyrics), the point is to underscore the effects of war, barbarism, and ultimately to expose the bleak horror of the human condition... Other songs cover terrorism (and how it's selectively defined by powerful interests), global imperialism, the tendency of many people to be complicit in their own oppression ("In the Country of the Blind ... the One Eyed Man is King"), and more"

As for their sound, I think it's better described by the entry in Hardcore Holocaust Records catalogue: "10 SLAPS IN THE FACE OF COMPLACENT MISSILE COCK SUCKERS WITH A BRICK WALL OF FUCKING FEEDBACK! THEIR RAW SOUND IS COMPARABLE TO DIY JAPANESE CRUST MEETING A POTENT MIX OF SWEDISH & FINNISH DISTORTION. Guest screams from Lyz ANTISCHISM and Jenny SBITCH". And one more good thing about this release: the insert says "No Fucking Copyright ... Fuck That Shit!"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anne - "A Cursed Night" (2011)

ANNE "A Cursed Night" (+ various songs)

Year: 2011
Genre: Neofolk / Darkwave / Dark Folk
Country: Argentina

Track List:
  1. Blue Surge
  2. I Say...
  3. VIII

  1. Demons in the trees
  2. Bikes & guns
  3. Depressive order of the golden dawn
  4. Sol muerte
  5. Rain forever
  6. Sun
  7. V

Here are two debut EPs by an one-man neofolk project from Argentina. His main sources of inspiration were bands like Current 93 and Death In June, but he was tired by NS/fascist atmosphere surrounding this genre, so he decided to record his own music (his beliefs are close to individualist anarchism and environmentalism, if I understood him correctly):

"In my music and concept i try to go deep inside myself and go beyond words, search for beauty and freedom in the darkness. For me enviromentalism and anti state ideas can be perfectly embodied with this music, that represent nature, beauty, prosperity to diferent cultures and his relationship with their environment"

Of course I can't compare it with Rome or Sieben (BTW, the song "Rite Against The Right" by Sieben should be the theme song for the whole Neofolk Against Racism community), but it's not bad for a demo. There's one track which sounds more like darkwave/industrial than acoustic folk, and I liked it the best.