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World Burns To Death - "Sucking Of The Missile Cock" (2002)

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH "Sucking Of The Missile Cock" (+ "Human Meat ... Tossed to the Dogs of War")

Year: 2002
Genre: Crust / D-Beat
Country: USA
Label: Hardcore Holocaust Records

Track List:

  1. Glorious Butcheries
  2. The Dead Sing This Hymn:
  3. In The Conquests Of Madmen
  4. Death Is Psychosomatic
  5. The Sucking Of The Missile Cock
  6. Whom The Gods Destroy... They First Make Ridiculous
  7. Fall On Your Sword
  8. In The Country Of The Blind... The One-Eyed Man Is King
  9. Wind Of Cruelty
  10. Apparatus
  11. Wretched Sons Of Kursk
  12. Acid in the Face of Human Rights
  13. Terminated With Extreme Prejudice
  14. Destroy This Power, Twist The Knife, Pull The Trigger
  15. World Burns To Death
  16. They Fill Their Graves With Our Bones
  17. In Fear Of Your Bombs
  18. Scheiss Krieg


Of course it's not black metal at all, but it's one of the first bands to gain attention among the members of black metal community, and I won't be surprised of a lot of RABM bands were inspired by WBTD. Just like most black metal bands, World Burns to Death (as well as Severed Head Of State, another band with Jack Control on vocals) mostly sing about deep detestation of both human nature and the Christian belief system, war crimes, religious oppression, militarism, and the consequences thereof. There's a good wikipedia article about WBTD, with their ideology explained in great detail:

"Almost without exception, World Burns to Death's aesthetic preference is for stark black and white imagery: t-shirts, posters, and record covers stick to this formula. These images mirror the lyrical themes of the band, which detail crimes against humanity, religious hypocrisy and religion's effect on society, class oppression, nationalism, and man's general inhumanity to man.

The band's striking logo usually appears written in Hebrew, in the Chaya font. The Hebrew wording might appear to be a literal translation of the band's name, but it is not. Rather, it is "World Burns to Death" typed out on a standard English computer keyboard with the Chaya font installed. Thus, pressing the "W" key on a standard English computer keyboard would produce the corresponding Hebrew symbol, a tsadi (which looks somewhat like the English letter "y"). The tsadi (sometimes spelled "tzaadi") has become the band's logo. The logo is also noteworthy because the symbol is an inscription commonly used on Israeli army munitions. In addition, the tsadi "Y"-looking symbol is of prime significance in the Kabbalah (the Hebrew metaphysical scripture) identifying "one who fights for the righteous good of mankind". This duality of a cryptic non-language written in an occult alphabet, as well as the deep symbolism, creates an imagery and lexicon that has incited confusion and controversy with those exposed to the aesthetic. The usage of the Chaya lettering lends the band's releases a perhaps unintentional occult look, something that may have helped the band gain popularity among members of the black metal community. Fenriz of Darkthrone cites World Burns to Death as a favorite band, as does Maniac from Mayhem.

World Burns to Death's lyrics focus almost obsessively on war crimes, religious and class oppression, militarism, and, more directly, the consequences thereof. As singer Jack Control noted in an interview, "Murdering the innocent in the name of 'democracy,' destabilizing economies in the name of 'capitalism,' installing brutal dictatorships in the name of 'freedom'" are all terrible injustices and serve to fill the lyrical coffers of World Burns to Death.

The band's lyric sheets contain references to, or quotes from, writer William Shakespeare, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, individualist anarchist Max Stirner, leftist writers Susan Sontag and Herbert Marcuse, political prisoner Stephen Biko, and others... Although the imagery of death camps, gulags, and scenes of genocide appear often (in artwork and lyrics), the point is to underscore the effects of war, barbarism, and ultimately to expose the bleak horror of the human condition... Other songs cover terrorism (and how it's selectively defined by powerful interests), global imperialism, the tendency of many people to be complicit in their own oppression ("In the Country of the Blind ... the One Eyed Man is King"), and more"

As for their sound, I think it's better described by the entry in Hardcore Holocaust Records catalogue: "10 SLAPS IN THE FACE OF COMPLACENT MISSILE COCK SUCKERS WITH A BRICK WALL OF FUCKING FEEDBACK! THEIR RAW SOUND IS COMPARABLE TO DIY JAPANESE CRUST MEETING A POTENT MIX OF SWEDISH & FINNISH DISTORTION. Guest screams from Lyz ANTISCHISM and Jenny SBITCH". And one more good thing about this release: the insert says "No Fucking Copyright ... Fuck That Shit!"

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