Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Red & Anarchist Metal video compilation pt.2

Here comes the 2nd part of video compilation made by Red & Anarchist Metalheads of Colombia:

Track List:
  1. Kalmah - "Kill the idealist" (Finland)
  2. Iskra - "Krondstat" (Canada)
  3. Revolted Masses - "Mass media's whore" (Greece)
  4. Book Of Sand - "No flags" (USA)
  5. Heretica - "Iraqi resistance" (Italy)
  6. Terrorist - "Estado brutal" (Argentina)
  7. Lluvia Ácida - "Apatrida" (Chile)
  8. Tisic Let Od Raje - "Moravian karst" (Czech Republic)
  9. 1917 - "Corona de engaños" (Argentina)
  10. 2 Bullet - "Burn their flag" (Japan)
  11. Subvertor - "Hecatombe" (Bolivia)
  12. Red Wine - "Despierta" (Spain)

It's a good compilation, but some of the bands are mislabeled. For example, TLOR are "green", not "red", and I'm not sure of Kalmah should be here. Yes, they have a lot of political lyrics, but it's still unclear to me on which ideological side they are.

And an English translation of the song "Nuestra respuesta permanece" (Legado De Odio), taken from the same source:

P.S. Don't expect a lot of posts here in the future. I decided to concentrate on our other blog and some other projects, and I don't know if I'll have enough free time in the next few months, so here will be probably no more than 4-5 posts per month, or even less... Anyway, stay tuned, and thanks for supporting me all that time! Good to see that my work isn't in vain.

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