Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dead And Forgotten - "Strix sive de ludificatione daemonum" (2008)

DEAD AND FORGOTTEN "Strix sive de ludificatione daemonum"

Year: 2008
Genre: DSBM
Country: Italy
Label: Inverno

Track List:
  1. Waiting Again
  2. As A Dying Tree
  3. The Darkest Room
  4. Detail Of Hell
  5. Interlude I
  6. The Wounds Are Never Healed
  7. Interlude II
  8. The End Of Winter

Dead And Forgotten are an anarcho-pagan, pro-environmentalist depressive black metal band from Piemonte, Italy. Their first and only full-length release "Strix sive de ludificatione daemonum" incliudes 6 songs from their earlier EP "Ars Moriendi", and 3 unreleased tracks. The whole album looks more like a compilation of tracks, than a solid work - mostly due to differencies in quality of sound between tracks. But overall it's definitely not bad. It's available for free on their myspace, along with all artwork.

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