Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Дно - demo (2010)

ДНО "demo 2010"

Year: 2010
Genre: Ambient / Acoustic Folk / Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Russia 

Track List:
  1. Так далеко, как позволит нам туман
  2. Регенерация природных сил (часть 1)
  3. Так небо горит, как солнце гаснет
  4. Регенерация природных сил (часть 2)
  5. Тибетская поющая чаша сердца и дыхания
  6. Голос прошедшей эпохи
  7. Аура
  8. Древняя земля
  9. Ночь под открытом небом (часть 1)

Дно/Dno is an one-man project started no so long ago by Max, one of the members of our vkontakte.ru RABM community. As it was said in release notes: "It's my first attempt in creating such kind of music. The quality of recording is lame, instruments are cheap, but I put a lot of soul and efforts in this work, so I hope someone would like it. Thanks to all supporters and like-minded persons!"

There isn't much black metal on this release, it's mostly neofolk and nature-inspired ambient with elements of atmospheric BM. It's nature-inspired music, and it has a heavy influence from Eastern Asian (particularly Tibetan) philosophy. BTW, the black metal parts remind me of Zuriaake and other Chinese atmospheric BM bands.


  1. Any myspace or youtube links??

  2. No, unfortunately. This music wasn't yet posted anywhere but in my blogs.

  3. now myspace is available

  4. Any chance of a reupload? Can't find this one.