Thursday, January 14, 2016

AnArcHISt - "Холода" (2005)


Year: 2005 (?)
Genre: Gothic Rock, Occult Rock
Country: unknown (Russia/USA?)

Track List:
  1. Холодный мир за моим окном
  2. Несколько предрассветных минут
  3. Посвящение Алистеру Кроули (instr.)
  4. Позови
  5. Рука позабытой славы
  6. Страна теней и пустых гробов
  7. В никуда
  8. За домами светает 
  9. Запоздалое уведомление о конце света

Look what I've found in my music archive! First I heard this album around 2007, when I became interested in the music which later would be called "RABM", and I don't remember the exact circumstances of how I found out about it. I only know it was recorded by someone under the name "A.Alper" (yes, it's an one-man band, and I'm not sure if it's his real name), who started from standard anarcho-communism but later became interested in ontological anarchism of Hakim Bey. Other than that, nearly everything about this album is uncertain, including the release date. The vocalist sings in Russian with a noticeable accent, but that's all I can say. Everything points to him being Russian/Jewish who's living/has lived in the United States for a long time, but again, I can't be sure about that.

I coudn't find a cover image for the album, and I even doubt it was even physically released. The music is melodic depressive rock, nowhere near metal but still very good. All the lyrics are in Russian, and they're very well written. The only thing that somewhat puts me off are the vocals, especially in the last track, but that's not a major flaw for me. As a whole it's a very strange album, especially considering the lack of information about it, but nevertheless it was enjoyable for me.

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