Thursday, January 14, 2016

kageraw - "I Fission" (2015)

KAGERAW "I Fission"

Year: 2015
Genre: Piano Ambient, Neoclassical
Country: Russia

Track List:
  1. intro
  2. fragment first
  3. I fission
  4. lioss
  5. messerti
  6. fragment last

This project is frequently being posted in our VK group and on, so I became interested in it even if it's very far from metal or punk. If I'm not mistaken, kageraw is an one-woman project by a member  of Axidance, Repression Attack, The Toverheks and at least a guest musician in warona. Given that she was/is in such bands, I expected her music to be great and wasn't disappointed. Ofc it isn't agressive at all, just beautiful piano ambient stuff, mostly instrumental but with some spoken word vocals here and there.

It also should be mentioned that kageraw is much more than just a music project - she's also a prolific artist and a photographer. Her earlier releases came with a big art book, which I can't find anywere right now (all the links are dead) but there are some examples of cover art I could find:

There's much more art and photography (including lots of nature photography) on her facebook and flickr pages. All her art is very beautiful and I'd just post everything on here if I could, but there are too many pics... Check out her bandcamp page too.

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