Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mädäntyneen Jumalan Silmä - "Musta Myrsky" (2015)

MJS "Musta Myrsky"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Finland

Track List:
  1. Myrsky nousee
  2. Heikko hetki
  3. Keltainen kauhu
  4. Paha omena
  5. Kylvö
  6. Rauha
(download link taken down due to request. contact the band at the e-mail address listed below for more information)
Release notes:

"Mädäntyneen jumalan silmä(Rotten God’s Eye) is a black metal band formed in 2015 by Haaska, Ikävä, Rääkki and Tulehdus.
First album Musta myrsky (The Black Storm) was published in December 2015.
We are creating new material and are working towards our next album.
We are also looking for a publisher for the Americas and for Europe.

At the core of MJS's music are feelings of sorrow, hatred and fear.
Humans are animals who are alienated from themselves and from their surroundings.
We are lost and in our frightened wrenching we turn the world black.
We watch forests burn and water turn to poison.
We hurt each other and we hope for the worst.
There are no gods to forgive us.
We play black metal and our music stems from the feeling of being alienated from the society created by the capitalist system which forces humankind to turn against each other and destroy the nature around us while waging war on every scale.

madantyneenjumalansilma at gmail dot com"


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