Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rookscare - "Unusable Signals" (2015)

Rookscare - "Unusable Signals"

Year: 2015
Genre: Anarcho-punk, Crust Doom, Industrial Metal
Country: United States

Track List:

  1. Binary Blackhole
  2. Children of the Wilted Flowers
  3. Mother, Could Heaven Melt?
  4. Herd Mentality
  5. Shadow of Vandalia

The album begins with their first track, Binary Blackhole that begins with power chords and dark robot ambience. Later on, there is dark anarcho-punk screaming akin to a slower, lower and better recorded version of Amebix's vocals. Their second track, Children of the Wilted Flowers begins with slow power chords and doesn't build up to vocals until about after one minute and fifty seconds in. The song ends with appropriate dark monk ambience. Their third track, Mother, Could Heaven Melt begins with power chords, moderately slow drumming and news recordings declaring "everything has been done in this state for the corporate good".

There are other recordings as well on the track that are played over the news recordings as the power chords and drumming continues. Their fourth track, Herd Mentality begins with very slow drumming and dark ambience. The vocals of the band's members sound a bit rough, but the music carries the song through with it's power chords really striking a note in my heart at about 5:25. The lyrics "Herd mentality is abandonment" help carry the song through as well.

Shadow of Vandalia begins with pipes akin to presumably an indigenous culture and leads to power chords and slow drumming. The recording begins to decline more after the slight decline of track two. The chorus of the second band member does give a unique energy to the track that makes it much more desirable about four minutes and forty-five seconds in. Their last track is quite pleasant throughout afterwards. Over all, I give it three stars ***.

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