Monday, October 26, 2015

Brain Famine - "Exploding Paranoid Universe" (2015)

Brain Famine - "Exploding Paranoid Universe"

Year: 2015
Genre: Death/Grind/Thrash Metal
Country: USA

Track List:

  1. Intro - Site of Future Landfill
  2. Corrosive Pain Lock
  3. Hallucinating Contagion
  4. Wallow at the Lower Rungs
  5. Absurdist Euphoria
  6. Ignite and Repeal
  7. Exploding Paranoid Universe
  8. Personal Violene
  9. Selfward While Blind
  10. Implement Systematic Dogmacide

Brain Famine from Boston with a Ukrainian member begin their first track, Intro - Site of Future Landfill with a distorted voice mixed with ambience that then grips power chords with increasing intensity that is quite attractive to the ear. The second track, Corrosive Pain Lock begins with a sound byte of what sounds like English ultra-violence and follows through with vocals very well done akin to Marilyn Manson's voice, but with awesome fast paced black metal! Their third track, Hallucinating Contagion also begins with a sound byte from a movie of violence and leads to very carefully crafted power chords and the singer takes us through a different volley of awesome vocals mixed with very skilful and very fast-paced power chords!

Their fourth track, Wallow at the Lower Rungs carries the same vocals akin to skilled Marilyn Manson yet uniquely fast-paced power chords to create another masterpiece for the black metal scene! Their fifth track, Absurdist Euphoria begins with a violent gun shot sound byte with screaming that slows down from their usually ultra-fast tempo, but still of awesome quality. Their sixth track, Ignite and Repeal was a bit below par of what I anticipated from the band so far. The tempo was fast and upbeat, but the power chords and vocals lacked in skill which dropped the rating half a star for me. Their seven track, Exploding Paranoid Universe failed to amaze me with the lack of sequential patterns of their power chords. It seemed to attempt to cover up the lack of five star talent from the sixth track.

Their eighth track, Personal Violence was mediocre unfortunately as well. I get the feeling that the last half of the album didn't have as much effort put into it as the first, which is too bad. Their ninth track, Selfward While Blind begins with a sound byte and harkens back to some more than mediocre vocals and power chords more agreeable to this band's excellent artistically creative potential. At this point I am persuaded from dropping the rating from 4 1/2 to 4 stars. Their last track, Implement Systematic Dogmacide begins with a war sound byte and very attractive power chords at first, but overall a much more acceptable sound than tracks six through eight. Overall, I give them four and a half stars! **** */**!


  1. hey
    first I'm glad you reviewed their album. i liked their demo few year back and i like this one too.

    but i was afraid they were racist/nazi since one of the band used to be in axcx and in another seth putnam band.

    1. There actually are people who take AxCx lyrics seriously? Wow.

  2. AxCx sounds like a joke but when you add Vaginal Jesus and some other side project you get pretty bad picture.

  3. according to metal-archives another member plays with saudi arabian grindcore band Creative Waste. i am not certain but it doesnt seem like the action of racist/nazis?

    1. Yes, and Creative Waste once were on this blog too. Moreover, the same member which was in Anal Cunt also played in Today Is The Day, definitely not a fascist band. Overall, accusing him of something just because he played in a comedy grindcore band 10 years ago seems pretty ridiculous to me.

  4. Dire musical vocabulary and preposterous lineup inaccuracies abound...