Saturday, October 24, 2015

Alda - "Passage" (2015)

Alda - "Passage"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal, Blackened Crust, Hardcore
Country: United States

Track List:

  1. The Clearcut
  2. Passage
  3. Weather
  4. The Crooked Trail
  5. Animis

The album begins with their first track, The Clearcut which has the noise ambience of crickets followed by guitar strumming. The guitars entangle into their own chorus until a dramatic pause followed by guitar plucking reminiscent of Central American folk which is joined by beautiful singing, not only from the male singer but the female as well. You are sucked into an absolutely beautiful album and know it at this point. I was hesitant, but I already was thinking "this is a five star album" to myself already. The song then makes a dramatic pause to accelerate into power chords and screaming lyrics of despair and desperation.

Their second track, Passage begins under the cover of rainfall with an absolutely brilliant, dark and sombre strumming mixed with power chords that leads to somewhat accelerated power chords and screaming that churns your soul. Their third track, Weathering is quite sombre and darkly appealing that builds up with a slight intensity that subtly maintains that attractive sombreness and darkness. Their fourth track begins with water ambience noise and softly builds up folksy guitar strumming, which is very beautiful as well in a calming manner. Their last track Animis begins with barking puppy noise ambience followed by a build-up of strong screaming, but not over-fiercely met with too strong of guitar strumming and power chords throughout the rest of the song. Absolutely a new favourite album of mine and obviously a five star strong album! *****!


  1. What's up with them being on a label (eisenwald) which distributes racist/fascist bands like drudkh, hate forest, horna, kroda and not to mention that the band drudkh itself is on that same label? Does not sound like a rabm band to myself, sorry.

    1. They aren't signed to that label, AFAIK. This album was released by Bindrune Recordings and distributed by other labels outside North America, some of which probably have shady bands in their distro. Things like such are just unavoidable, even Austin Lunn of Panopticon complained that Pagan Flames (the label on which Panopticon's "Collapse" and "Social Disservices" LPs were released) had NSBM in their distro. Perhaps I should add a few words about it to my FAQ.
      P.S. On the other hand, thanks for not being another apologist for Ukrainian nationalism, which many self-proclaimed "leftists" have become during the last two years...