Saturday, October 17, 2015

12 December 2015: RABM festivals in US & UK

First off: thanks to everyone who decided to join this blog as a contributor after Hayduke has left. Looks like I shouldn't be afraid for the future of the blog any more... although let's wait until the end of the year and then see.

Second: the Haglaz Fest III has just ended, but it isn't the only RABM-friendly fest to be held in 2015. On 12th of December, the Black Metal Alliance plans to release the 3rd compilation in the Crushing Intolerance series of anti-NSBM samplers. The release party is planned to be held in the Borg Ward (Milwakee, WI). The lineup consists of bands that I never heard of before, but that's what is good about the BMA - their compilations help to discover a lot of obscure new acts:

Falter MKE - (WI)

Ashbringer - (MN)
Atmospheric black metal

Winterbourne WI - (WI)
Atmospheric black metal

No Heroes - (MN)

Shadow Lake - (OH)
Black Metal

Bib - (NE) Members of Bent Life/Powerslop


On the same day, a similar fest is to be held in The Lughole (Sheffied, UK). It's called Ruins Fest and organized by Enfer du Nord and The Black Metal Alliance. Participants:

HERETOIR (Augsburg, DE)
Post-black metal. Melancholy, nostalgia, isolation and introspection.

Green anarchist, civilization-critical post-metal.

Intense atmospheric black metal.

MAR (Newcastle)
Bleak misery.

DAWN RAY’D (Liverpool)
Black metal. Ex We Came Out Like Tigers.

Negative grinding black metal


P.S. And finally, check out this t-shirt design from Huldrekall / Einsamkeit Tapes:

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