Thursday, October 15, 2015

Regnvm Animale - "Et sic in infinitum" (2015)

Regnvm Animale - "Et sic in infinitum"

Year: 2015
Genre: Black Metal, Blackened D-Beat/Crust Punk
Country: Sweden

Track List:
  1. Maya
  2. Ars Moriendi
  3. Från bördig jord till salthed
  4. Osäkerhetsprincipen
  5. Förfallet
  6. Och så vidare i evighet
  7. Kassandrarop
  8. Inåt
  9. Grund

Be prepared to wish greetings and solidarity to Regnvm Animale, a black metal d-beat/crust punk band from Sweden. They define themselves as an extreme metal duo. I quote their e-mail in which they write, "The songs on this first release circles around topics like freedom and being trapped and unfree, alienation towards civilization and the state of human society today." Their first track Maya opens and builds suspense in a way that is very thrilling and does deliver. Their second track opens with a unique guitar riff that makes you ponder existence. Although, their second track Ars Moriendi sounds a lot like their fourth track, Osäkerhetsprincipen. Their third track has an equal balance of screaming, singing and instrumental interludes. Then with their fifth track, Förfallet, they build up another calm before the storm that brings you back for more. Their sixth track, Och så vidare i evighet, brings you back slowly again from the second coming of the calm. Their seventh track, Kassandrarop, brings you up to speed with a serious punk rock intro, along with some spoken word with musical interludes that I would regrettably attribute to early AFI (a punk band that isn't anarchist). With their eighth track, Inåt, you feel the closing coming, but don't fret just yet as there is still one more track on the album called Grund which has a primitivist sounding banjo with folk-sounding lyrics.

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