Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wildspeaker - "Revenge Of The Hunted" (2014)

WILDSPEAKER "Revenge Of The Hunted"

Year: 2014
Genre: Metallic Hardcore/Crust
Country: USA 

Track List:
  1. Call To Arms
  2. Justify
  3. Monochromatic
  4. Clarity
  5. One Legged Crow
  6. Revenge of The Hunted


Natalie - Vox
Nelson - Guitar
Zak - Guitar
Vince - Bass
Rob - Drums

Wildspeaker is a new band of Zak (see downpour.), which recently released a debut EP titled "Revenge Of The Hunted". It was recorded and mixed 100% DIY in a living room, and it's completely free. The ideology of the band is green anarchism with heavy emphasis on primitivism, so it may be appealing to those you who's more into the "green" side of RABM (even though this release isn't black metal, it's definitely more metal-oriented than the earlier stuff by downpour.)

bandcamp / facebook

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