Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Forgotten Dawn & Frostland Tales - "Requiem for mankind" (2014)


Year: 2014
Genre: Blackened Doom Metal
Country: Czech Republic

Track List:

Forgotten Dawn
  1. No man´s land
  2. Babylon must fall
Frostland Tales
  1. Do lesů a do hor
  2. Ztracená víra

Two Czech one-man projects, both playing a kind of black/doom metal. Forgotten Dawn definitely has anarchist leanings (see the release notes for "Passive Resistance"), while Frostland Tales seems to be mostly apolitical. The guy behind Frostland Tales is only 17 y.o., and he's a member of several other bands and projects. According to Petr of Forgotten Dawn:

"His songs are more DSBM than mine, but still very doomy. There´s just few words in each song, so they sounds almost like instrumental music.

To Forgotten dawn: I tried to make my new tracks more "funeral" and less "atmospheric" than my previous work and I changed my vocal style a bit. It´s quite different than "Passive resistance" but I believe there is still significant handwriting" 

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