Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Emerald Weapon - "Part II: Earth Encrypted" (2014)

EMERALD WEAPON "Part II: Earth Encrypted"

Year: 2014
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/Drone
Country: USA 

Track List:
  1. Internet Mountain
  2. Crypto-Imprisonment
  3. Cement Rivers
  4. Earth Exposure

A follow-up to the debut Emerald Weapon EP, again consisting of 4 tracks. Like the first EP, it's atmospheric black metal, but quite experimental and not really in the "cascadian" style (even though the band is from Portland).

"Emerald Weapon is the musical, creative, and recording experiments of Frederick Michael Troina (Guitar, Bass, Synth, Programming) Matthew Earl Ramsey (Vocals, Visuals) and Salvatore Edward Troina (Drums)"


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