Saturday, September 1, 2012

Autumnal Equinox open air: 22th of September

The same people that organized I & II Discomfort announce a new RABM-related open air festival for 22th of September. The event will take place in the vicinity of Moscow (the location will be specified later), and will be dedicated to the celebration of Autumnal Equinox. Expected line-up:

    • Fatum (metal punk, stenchcore / Moscow region)
    • Axidance (epic crust, black metal / Moscow-Tver-Ivanovo)
    • Kora (atmospheric black metal / Moscow)
    • Nimrud (melancholic post-metal / Moscow)
    • АНЮТИНЫ ГЛАНДЫ (sludge-doom-black-whatever metal, SPb)
    • Омут (one-man-band, depressive black metal, dark ambient / Ivanovo)
    • Diswarp (d-beat punk / Ryazan)
    • Vargtimmen (atmospheric black metal / Moscow)
    • Acid Vicious (Anti-Cimex worship / SPb)
    • Distonn (breakcore / SPb)
event page

Well, looks like we've finally got something to be proud of - in the 3 years we've built a sizable RABM-friendly community that's capable for organizing gigs on more or less regular basis (at least in Moscow and SPb). The general situation in the country is quite bad, though. Right now I'm way too tired, but tomorrow I'll try to shed more light on what's currently happening here (the consequences of PR trial, etc.)

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  1. Nice to know you are having good festivals, all my support from chile dude.