Thursday, June 2, 2011

Russian Discomfort Fest (All Night Hell) - 4 June 2011

Another crust/RABM event by the same people who organized Black Monday in Moscow. Line-up:

  • Kora (RABM)
  • Axidance (neocrust (early), blackened crust/RABM (later))
  • Fatum (stenchcore, blackened crust)
  • Crucified By The Sun (RABM, True Pagan-Black Kvlt)
  • Drunken Fairy Tales (Moscow celtic punk)
  • Repression Attack (stenchcore/crust metal)
  • Nimrud (post metal)
  • Tender Branson (punk/hardcore)
  • Social Zero (fastcore/pv)
  • Yeltsin Youth (powerviolence)
  • Asthma (crust punk)
  • Егор (psychedelic punk, cover band)
  • The Завод (oi/streetpunk, not to be confused with Заводь)
  • Stillborn (metalcore)
  • Fucking Paralytics (mystical noise)
  • Virulent Mass (hardcore)
  • Unkind Revolt (streetpunk (early), neocrust (later))

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Good to see our RABM community becoming more and more active. Not sure if we'd have audience big enough for a similar gig in any major city other than Moscow, but there's hope for such a gig in St.Petersburg this summer.

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