Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anadonia - "Wake" (2009)


Year: 2009
Genre: Post-Rock, Blackened Shoegaze
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. Our Great Depression
  2. No Martyrs
  3. Service to God
  4. The War
  5. Atonement

I'm continuing to review albums which were sent to me in the past few months, and here's another Cascadian band (from Spokane, Washington). Their music isn't black metal, rather post-rock with some BM overtones, but there's already a number of bands who have such kind of sound (Amesoeurs, Alcest and the other projects by Neige; Dernier Martyr etc.) Looks like they're somehow related to Alda, and their views on religion, civilization and humanity aren't much different from the whole mindset of Cascadian BM scene:

".. For thousands of years, humanity has selfishly existed purely to further it's own existence, and continue to be the dominant force on planet Earth by any means necessary. We've clear cut millions of acres of forestry, blown up mountains, wiped out entire species, and poisoned the air and sea, all in the name of commerce, suburbia, power, money, and comfort. We have spoiled the planet, as well as ourselves, in every sense of the word. Throughout history we have experienced numerous wars of epic proportions, innocent humans and animals slaughtered over governmental squabbles. We have had numerous economic downfalls, leaving hard working honest people lying in the street, while high-powered CEO's get paid more money to ruin others lives. This is the last Great Depression. Our money, our emotions, our lives, are drained, empty, and it's no one's fault but our own. There will be no martyrs here. False prophets that claim to serve god can't save us from ourselves. The world as we once knew it is no more. We, are no more.. Slowly, the Earth is rebuilding in the aftermath of our self-inflicted genocide. A tree lays roots in the broken foundation of what was once a sky scraper. Machinery is rusted over, decaying gradually back into the ground from which the metal used to build it was originally ripped from. This renewal, this revivification, has sprung from the ashes we have left behind us. This is the wake of what we once were...

released 20 September 2009
andrew connelly: guitars
dustin carroll: bass guitar, sampler
cassie kirkeby: cello
mike lafferty: violin
abel cifuentes: drums

all music written and performed by Anadonia" 

UPD: according to some of my readers, Anadonia's ideology actually isn't in the spirit of my blog. I'll try to clear out this issue a little later.


  1. Too bad that none of them are actually anarchists, and that most of what they preach they never practice.

  2. two of the members of this band are not anarchists and are even christians. they have no message as a whole, most especially not anarchism, green or otherwise. one of the band members pushes the image so they can fit within the Cascadian BM scene which has become quite hip in the Northwest U.S. Alda has a relationship with them because this same person used to book shows in Spokane and ingraciated himself to them. i'm a little sad to see this up here. i understand you had only the knowledge of them given to you, but they are not anarchists or red.

  3. http://romanticsongsr.blogspot.com/2011/08/anadonia-entrevista-15-agosto-2011-diy.html
    sorry but i interviewed them one month ago and they said they are anarcho primitivist and vegano,

  4. i have to say that whoever interviewed them must have spoken with Dustin. i have known these folks personally. None of them have anything to do with AP and only one of them is a vegan. i'm on this a little late apparently, but two of them are Christians and whereas two of them may pay lipservice to anarchism, they quite frankly are not. i do not believe that this should be counted as anarchist music. they are simply trying to sell themselves to a particular crowd. they may take great offense to my saying so, but let them. they wouldn't dare tell me they are what they are not. i know.

  5. Two members of the band (myself and Cassie) are vegan and identify with green anarchist ideals. Two of the members (Abel and Andrew) at one time identified as Christian, but no longer do, and have not for some time now. The record is a concept album about the fall of humanity and the world being overtaken by nature again. If that doesn't fit into the G.A. scene, I apologize.

    Mikhael was one of our fans/supporters until he married an individual who hates us. That and he used to be in a relationship with our cello player. Hating us because your ex is in the band seems beneath you. Sorry to air this dirty laundry, but it's the truth. Also I'm willing to bet that the first anonymous comment was left by Mikhael's wife. Considering these two people have personal issues towards members of the band, it seems silly that their opinions should even be this valid, especially when they have had little to no contact with anyone from the band in several years, and have no clue about our lifestyles or ideologies.

    The band has since split up anyway, so let the album speak for itself and knock off the petty drama.

  6. petty drama? i'm not committing any amount of petty drama. my partners present or past have nothing to do with why i'm talking about this. you may identify as green anarchists now, this is for bands who as bands identify with an anarchist or red critique. as a band, did you identify as such? i don't seem to recall any such affiliation with any critique let alone G.A., particularly at the time you're band recorded this album. i never hated the band because Cassie was in it. all those personal issues have no forum here. i no longer wish to dispute whether this album should be up here because you are right in saying the album should speak for itself. folks can listen to it and get out of it whatever they want. don't try and boil this down to personal issues though. i disagree with certain aspects of your worldview and the labeling of this defunct band as something i don't recall it ever being. just because i'm an anarchist and sang in bands where i would voice some of my opinions does not mean those were anarchist bands. if you really want to discuss personal things, i will gladly do so. we used to be pretty good friends, and i might owe you that. to further reiterate though, this is not about whether you are an anarchist now. i do not feel this project was a G.A. one. i realize how ridiculous it is to argue about this being here though. i'm not trolling or acting out personal vendettas. i just frequent this blog, and this posting confused me. i would also like to say a little less than three years of no contact is not several, and we still have mutual friends and acquaintances. don't pretend i know nothing about you. just as i'm sure you still know things about me.

  7. There's a Calgary grind core band by the same name. I would love to see them up here (with the band's permission of course).