Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lux Carentes - "Lux Carentes" (2010)

LUX CARENTES "Lux Carentes"

Year: 2009
Genre: Blackened Doom Metal/Rock
Country: USA

Track List:
  1. I Love You Sheriff Truman
  2. Cohesion of Blood
  3. Particle and Wave
  4. Atom
  5. Slumbering In The Arms Of A Stone Giant
  6. Hypoxia

Another interesting project from Bandcamp, this time from Ithaca (NY). Although being highly influenced by Cascadian BM scene, Lux Carentes' music is rather blackened doom metal / depressive rock. This 6-track demo is officially available for free download, but you can also buy it on Bandcamp for $6.


  1. Hi,
    Once again, thanks for all the excelent work you're doing on this blog.
    I posted the 2011 full-lenght of Seeds In Barren Fields on my blog, may be you'll be interested to get it !
    See you soon, keep it this great work,

  2. excellent band

    sounds so "light" yet so great