Saturday, June 18, 2011

Heretica - "Omnia Sunt Communia" (2011)

HERETICA "Omnia Sunt Communia"

Year: 2011
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Italy

Track List:
  1. Iraqi Resistance
  2. Laos Fantasmi
  3. Collasso Interiore
  4. Time Has Come
  5. Trinità
  6. Col Ferro e Col Fuoco
  7. Porco Dio
  8. Pure Hate
  9. Pay the Price pt. 1
  10. Fino all'ultimo Bandito
  11. Censura
  12. Pay the Price pt. 2

This Italian leftist thrash metal band finally released their first full-length album! Of course it's not BM, and their ideology is more on the "red" side of the spectrum, but it's very good album, and I highly recommend to check it out. Of course, this album can be distributed freely.

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