Saturday, September 17, 2011

Autumn Discomfort Fest II

So, the 2nd event in the line of Discomfort festivals is going on right now near Moscow! Just like the 1st Discomfort Fest, it's organized by the members of our RABM community. Line-up:

Moscow heretics:

  • Kora (atmospheric black metal/RABM)
  • AxidancE (neocrust (early), blackened crust/RABM (now))
  • Fatum (stenchcore/blackened crust)
  • Emancipation (old school crust)
  • Nimrud (post-metal)
  • Mutagen (hardcore punk)
  • Virulent Mass (hardcore/crust)
  • ConVince (d-beat/neocrust)
  • The Zavod (oi)
  • еГОр (psychedelic punk, cover band)
  • DJ Pizdec (electro-folk)
  • Fucking Paralytics (mystical noise)

Guests from SPb:

  • DJ Distonn (breakcore; samples from Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem etc.)
  • Krivda (raw black metal/crust/grindcore)
  • Откаты (raw black metal/sludge)
  • Adrianocelentano (booze d-beat)
  • Distündrum ("ravepunk")
  • Acid Vicious ("ravepunk")

event page on

As you can see, the lineup is big and diverse: there are RABM bands (sadly, not many - but they're headliners of the whole event), crusties, classic punks (including relatively well-known bands like Mutagen), and performers of extreme electronic music - both from Moscow and SPB. Finally, not only Colombians can have their own red&anarcho metal festivals ;) Good to see our RABM community grown so big and active within less than two years. If only our political situation would improve such fast...

(btw, not so long ago M.Verbitsky wrote an article which pretty much summarizes my own disappointment in politics and society. I'll translate it at least partly, if I'd have some free time tomorrow...)

P.S. Kudos to the designers of that flyer - it's the first time I see a punk or metal show flyer made in khokhloma style!

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